• by Versevice
  • posted Jun 06, 2006


Watch this

Well... yes.
Are there shirts on this site that aren't weird? I wasn't aware of any.


strange. but not bad. the squiggles on the burger make it look like a brain. which kinda actually adds to the strangness.

amelia knoxville

oh its a tomato. i thought it was a pig. a dead pig.
anyone agree with me or am i just weird?

Blue Aya

I thought it was a pig at first too. -_-, Sorry, Earthworm99.


Once I realized the "pig" was a tomato, I thought it was pretty funny. But it should be more clear in that respect.


i like it... and the only thing about it that would make me think that was a pig is the title.... i get it


i knew it was a tomato right off.


i think the x's make it look like a red pig. I knew it was a tomato though and thought it was funny..but it looks like a pigcrossed with a tomato.


I don't think it looks like a pig at all. I think it's funny. Word.


It took me awhile to understand that it was a tomato--- I also had thought it was a pig (perhaps especially due to the title having 'ham' in it). And the hamburger does indeed look like a brain. Great concept, though--- clarify the images a little and it will be awesome.


The thing on the left looks like a sea turtle in a bun.

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