Another toast tshirt

if only threadless could give me one more colour to play with =P

If you think this tshirt has negative connotations you are probably right, but don't ruin it for the rest of us =P It doesn't make it promotional.

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Oh shit!!!!

Another work of art


call it Mein toast, earn a $5

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

let's say that is its spiritual name but too many people got upset.


i love it
5$ from me.


Uh oh...

I cannot wait to read the fights on this one, anyway, though it's in bad taste... it's funny.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

Now this... I love. I guess if anything, you've got a unique style, and there' s nothing wrong with that. This might be my fav sub from you yet.


Oohhhh jjeeezeee. Although I love this, I would hate for someone to take it the wrong way. Maybe bottom right corner placement?

It's lovely. $5 + Buy.


i think its realy nicely done but it gets me to think about the holocaust and thats just something i don't whant to wear on my shirt if more people then me finds that resemblance to

mahalov profile pic Alumni

haha love it $5


how could someone "take this the wrong way?" all i see is a fairly funny t design.

Paranoid Android

My jewish friend told me a horrible joke about the holocaust. It's "what is the difference between a jew and a pizza?"
Wait... what is the... nvm I forget how it goes, but it's bad.


concentration camp = toaster.

soooooo horrible.

i love it.



some things are just too big for irony. i gotta say no.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Wow! That's so tasteless. 0

andyg profile pic Alumni

Actually, it's probably one of the most offensive things I've ever seen... and it takes a lot to offend me. If I were you, I wouldn't be proud of creating an image like this. There's nothing funny about the Holocaust.


Connotations? What are jew talking about? Seriously all connotations aside as a n illustation it's weak sorry dude, 3.

so unoriginal

Yeah, I can typically be pretty offensive and find PC types to be annoying as hell. But seriously... not cool. I thought a biggoted, ignorant image like this would come from an American, since that's the general tone here (ido what i want and fuck everyone else...). Suprise suprise, you should move over... you seem like you'd get along with our president just great.

As for the tshirt design part.... you have tons more skill than I could ever hope to have. Maybe you can use it for good instead of evil. Or not. To each his own.


Yeah I gotta say, it takes a LOT for a t-shirt to offend me in any way..hell, I even laugh at some of the shirts on tshirt hell...but this is just too much. You have an incredible artistic style, but I could never buy this shirt and wear it without feeling bad somehow. Sorry :-\ I'd love to see more of your work, though! And the little toast guys are so cute...


Yeah... nothing funnier than the wholesale slaughter of human beings.

So much could be done with toast... yet we end up with THIS?

I mean, seriously... there is being "un-PC".. like everyone else... and then there is just being insensitive and childish.

Salsa Shark

I actually kind of like it. I honestly didn't think of the whole Holocaust thing until everyone else brought it up. It's just toast, people! Maybe if they were bagels, and there were toast Nazis herding them towards the toaster...maybe then I could see the whole Holocaust angle. But as it is, it just looks like toast to me.



this is the funniest tee i have seen in a long time!!!!
must print it!!!!!


are they crawling out of a bag labeled "jewish rye"? no.
are they bagels? no.
are they wearing little yellow stars? no.
are their arms tattooed with little numbers? no.
are they being Forced into the toaster by a "superior" sliced bread? no.

this doesn't scream Jewish Holocaust.
are there parallels - sure - but it's a bit of a stretch.

did bananaphone succeed in getting a rise out of you? Yes.

i agree with Salsa Shark - it's just toast - doing what toast does - getting toasted.

so unoriginal

"If you think this tshirt has negative connotations you are probably right"- bananaphone

Damn, all of you who claim that this has nothing to do with WWII? Obviously smart enough to read the first post and remember it all the way till the end.

You should all be very proud of yourselves.

shadow stalker P.I.

Holocoaust is the First thing I thought of when looking at it and I am not very pc. You are fooling yourself if you claim not to see the conection.Luggage and a little hat, you forgot to include the railcars. I do not offend easily but I would never wear this. Bad taste.


Seeing this made me feel like my insides were rotting... for a "food with faces" shirt, that's pretty impressive.


I like it, expeacaly the little hand popping out of the toaster


I like it but I'm tired of food with faces.

Cut Face

This is one of the best toast t-shirts ever!! 5$$$$


The hand...coming out...of the toaster...


It just got me there...oh and I honestly wouldnt have thought Holocaust if people hadnt given it away...honestly...I just thought it was bread being scared of getting toasted.

dock street preacher

though it may make me a terrible person, the holocaust connection actually made it somewhat funnier, in a bad way. but it's just toast! goodness gracious. as someone was saying that this artist should be american, all the people who complain about this shirt being offensive should all be "americans" - all looking for a reason to be offended. bad taste or not, one of the best t-shirts i've seen on threadless. fantastic!




I mean.......HOW DARE YOU!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I guess I should post my retort. Most of you that claim that this is OH SO WRONG and offensive are the narrow minded idiots you are claiming I am.

Not only has instances of ethic cleansing been around BEFORE the holocaust but also AFTER. Yet to narrow it down to one specific event in the attempt to make a certain group of people look like victims.

There has been ethnic cleansing in almost every country where 2 different groups have converged. Even here in sunny Australia - Aboriginals were disgustingly hunted for sports and almost wiped out.

To say that this is too much to laugh about, or something that we can't wear, is like telling people they aren't allowed to have a sense of humour when faced with obscurity.

I'll bet there were Jews, Aboriginals, American Indians and all sorts of people that used humour as a way to deal with their impending fate. Would you have run upto them and said "hey guys, this isn't an appropriate time for that"?

Get a life people.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

And for the record, I know more about the holocaust, and what happened - and history in general, than half of you idiots that claim this is offensive.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

you raise a valid point.


oh... The toast are supposed to be dead bread? I saw it as bread becoming zombies.


My thoughts about this design were
toward the misguided advancements
doctors, scientists, and psychologists
applied to people that resulted in
them being worse than before.

Examples : blood letting & lobotomies

Even many of today's medications have
potential side effects much worse than
the symptom being treated.

We who are "reading " a message from
this design ( me included ) are simply
taking our own thoughts and projecting
them on the design. It's just a line of
sliced bread getting ready to be toasted.


and how is it not the holocaust? You even call it Mein Toast. If you can point to another genocide with that phrase... so I think it is fair when people pinpoint it to the holocaust.

but i still kinda like it...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I didn't realise that mein toast was a famous saying from the holocaust, and it is called "Another toast tshirt"


Lmao...this is awesome!


people here worry too much about other people possibly being offended. Take care of yourselves, dammit.


I love how everyone's saying ,"I don't get offended easily." Well guess what ... you do. This is what's called satire. "Food with faces" is an incredibly popular meme at the moment and BP is mocking it. You want anthropomorphized food, but there are good and bad aspects of human nature.

There is nothing so serious in this world that you should not be able to laugh at its expense from time to time. I was an unexpected, unwanted child, but I can find "Plan B" funny. My mother and I almost died in a car wreck, but "CTRL+Z" is still hilarious. Don't take yourselves so seriously. Everyone thought the Muslims were out of line for being offended when those cartoons came out. People mock Christianity all the time and expect no one to mind much. This is the same sort of thing.

montmont profile pic Alumni


Bagels would have been fun, but perhaps a little heavy on the symbolism..

This is sure to offend, but any work that brings up holocausts for discussion, debate and learning is good with me...


People who say they're "offended" by stuff usually suffer from a superiority complex, and it just isn't constructive. But despite all your wit and daring, there IS such a thing as stright up bad taste. If I saw a guy walking down the street wearing this shirt I would think he was a jackass.

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