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thats pretty darn cute

Watch this

i like the 'boy', its pretty damn sweet, but the girl? nah.
$5 for a tshirt with the boy only

Blue Aya

Agree with ^ 'cause the Boy is visually much more interesting.


took me a minute to figure out the girl was made of sugar. i thought she was an ancient mosaic.


Maybe try the girl made of candy? Great idea though.


I couldn't tell what the girl was suppose to be made of till i read the comments.


$5 on the boy



(1) Boy rocks!!!!!!!! Girl... EHH. Not so good. Luv the idea. listen to LHerron's idea
but'll give ya a 5 and a I'd Buy It.


Sugar and spice and everything nice...
Make the girl out of lollipops, chilli peppers, and baby animals.


are there snails? i think i see one. puppy dog tails??? i always thought that was gross xD

i agree that the little girl should be made out of candy. or some other shapes.

the boy is awesome though, if the girl was changed around a bit i would want both on one shirt


If it was only the boy $5, as it is 3 (loose the girl).


yeah i never would've figured that out without reading the comments


I agree with previous comments, I really like the little boy but I wish the girl was made of some other sort of shapes.


I have to agree with the majority. This is a unique idea that could use a little tweaking. If you do rework it with shapes for the girl then maybe use a bag of sugar, jar of spice (or cinnamon sticks?) and other "nice" objects. You are really on to something here. :]


What if you use kittens, bows, candy, and balloons for the girl or something. Just an idea.


Hate to be a "me too," but I agree. I love the idea of the boy and girl on the shirt together, but the boy is MUCH more visually interesting. The girl would be equally interesting if you used sweets, whole spices (I rather liked the chili pepper idea - not the kind of 'spice' that was probably originally intended in the rhyme, but definitely appropriate!), and cute fuzzy things. I think this has a LOT of potential.


'What kind of magic spell to use?

Slime and snails? Or puppy dog tails?

Thunder or lightning

Then baby said: "____"

i think the girl is rather good.


hi guys!
i thought it looked ok when i submitted it, but yeah, with some major tweakage on the girl, it can look way better!
soooo, is this a case for a re-design and re-submit?


I totally agree with xisforsxe, you need the "everything nice" represented.


get rid of the girl, the boy is perfect. 4 for the boy

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Just the boy is much better. 4 for the boy.


5$ for just the boy.


don't get rid of the girl, but make the sugar and spice more obvious-- it's a cool idea


with the girl "sugar and spice..." but where the "everything nice"? put in some flowers, candy, jewelry, etc...

then i'll love it



I love the boy, don't love the girl. I'd buy a shirt with just the boy.


you should make the girl out of the dandielion seeds.
that'd be cute.


If this concept is "snips and snails" and "sugar and spice" you should do more with the "sugar and spice" it doesn't have to be litterally sugar and spice granuals. Make it sugary and spicy objects. Stretch your imagination, please.


Take the girl out and you've got a really nice idea here.


ok, correction to my previous note. I just realized the girl is suger and spice after reading comments. Her suger and spices needs to be much more obvious. Maybe if she were made up of candies, flowers and pastries we'd get it right away.


I love this! I think having them together on the same shirt would make it clear what is implied, without having to change what the girl is made of.

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i think they'd look nice both together, but then you'd have to work on the girl... her shadowing is a little eh... but the boy is great :D


I really like the idea , but it took me a bit to get, esp. the girl. Her hair is too low contrast on that shirt. I think the spices should have a subtle swirly pattern into the sugar, so it's less like they're all "dots" maybe?


yeah, the girl: candy, flowers, etc.


the sugar and spice thing is totally unreadable at first sight.... esp. if u cut them apart...def. keep em together


.. took me way too long to get the sugar and spice thing, but with just the girl on a tee, you could have a sugar spoon and spice shaker. but i am head over heels for the boy made of frogs!! it'd be way cute to go to a party w someone, one with a boy shirt and one with a girl.

suggestions: why does the "little boy" have a mohawk? too hardcore. a cowlick would be sweet! also, i love the girl only on pink tee - you could centre her and have "sugar and spice" written in cursive on the bottom left, or even in the skip rope! one very very last thing - the girl's knobby hands are weird. don't most skip ropes have tubular handles?


i basically think the same as everyone else.
this shirt is freaking amazing.
just make the girl out of something a little easier to determine.
some suggestions: candy, hearts, other fluffy things.
besides all of that nosense,


$5 only if the girl gets made of candy


$5 love the idea
i agree with squidmo27


i'm with rissajess, girl should be made of sweets in the same style as the boy. love the concept though :] very nice. $4


Great idea! It took me a while to realize that the little girl was made of sugar, but it'd be aaaamazing if you made her out of candy. Great job!

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