year of the dog

  • by laryang
  • posted Jun 03, 2006

It's the year of the dog! Comments welcome - - there is a bit of a discussion about this sub in my blog too if you were curious.

Enjoy -

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Looks great on black. I love the design! 5$

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

you need to vector that symbol, the pixelation around it is very obvious.


yeah, a lot of that jaggedness is from the original scan - - i may smooth it out a bit eventually (for my own records) but i don't think i'll make it completely smooth. it wasn't meant to be so -


i like this! it'd be cool to have all the zodiac though, since I'm a dragon. i like it on scarlet and black best


hehe, full zodiac design currently in the works. . . =)


looks great on black and natural


You should do all the different years.


i'm a dog


That is SO cool...but I'd pay more for a year of the rabbit one ^w^ ~<3


i dont like to be the first negative post, but i hate that dog. i love the character. i love hte colors and i live the placement. but that dog is the only reason i wouldnt buy it. it looks too happy-go-lucky cartoony, and its something i would never wear. change/get rid of that and i would definitely buy.

blue usagi

the ad is soooo cute!!

i could probably lend you a chinese font for that character (since it's so pixelly)


.onion profile pic Alumni

black and red are the best :D


I really like it. I would do one for the entire zodiac. It looks best on natural



aww, i don't want a font. my dad wrote the chinese character. I just need to fix some of the jags, but most of those are a result of the ink bleeding into the paper - - and i think it looks much more natural


okay, revectorized version is up on my blog for those of you who are interested. thanks!

Pink Rabbit

The red looks good on the white tee!


i love dog but i dun like yours.


looks very similar to maromi

the mothership

i love everything about it :D very nicely done. it seems to work on all three colors too :) unfortunately i'd only be able to wear it this year. that'd be awesome if you could make one for all the zodiacs. i'd buy the whole collection [especially the dragon]


haha, i looked up maromi. that's a scary looking dog/creature thing.


Get rid of the dates and you have a winner. I wouldn't want a shirt this cute to be obsolete at the end of the year. 5$

chisafer profile pic Alumni

every design of yours keeps getting $5, not because they are anything new, but because they are executed sooooo good. Keep it up.

Although some of your designs are new and "happening."


How awsome is this? I'm not born in the year of the dog but my boy friend is and if it gets printed, I'd get it for him in a second!
Could you please do one for the year of the ox? =)

You should get this printed anyway, I'm sure you would get heaps of people wanting to buy it!

Keep up the great designs!


haha, my husband is the dog, and i am the ox.

cool zool

shadow stalker P.I.

I like the sketchynes of the character, it implies that it was done with a brush. I also like the fact that the dog is a cartoon ,as this makes it different then simply copying such an image off of a paper menu in an American style Chinese restaurant. &#38750;&#24120;&#22909; $5

shadow stalker P.I.

Software prob. Meant to say very good $5 fei1chang2 hao3

katelyn kaybee

awesome, very cool setup with the year on the side and all.


I find it interesting that no one really questions if that character means "dog" or not.

...even though it does.

And that dog is pretty creepy.


i like it even though im not a year of the dog : (. If it was year of the ram however...


on black! 5$

Cut Face

Wow i like the shirt, and the flash is amazing. ive been trying to figure it out, because im kind of new to flash, but i very much need help on making buttons that change colors. if you could help, that would be awesome. 5$$


wow, what nice flash... you click it..and it!


This is sweet. but seriously, make a new dog. Please.


Year of the Rabbit now that I would buy. i like the design though. 5


1) love the dog
2) the symbol looks great now since its a vector image
3) please make one for all the zodiacs
4) no need to the years on the side

great job!


Looks great! 5$


oh cool, the rest of the zodiac signs are on the way ! can't wait to see mine ! $5 for all of them


awsome all i need to say


i like it on black. and its pretty awesome.

n h i

great job $5


like it on red. get rid of dates, otherwise it'd be weird to wear it any of the other 11 years. $5


i like it an black

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