• by JOHN2
  • posted Jun 03, 2006

Perfect for blind dates, Bar Mitzvahs or a night out at your local sushi restaurant.

Remember, he's eating her but not EATING her.

Wait..he's consuming her, but not EATING her.

Ah, forget it.

Please check my profile for more huggable color options.

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This is great.


if he's consuming her and not EATING her, maybe move his head...

stunt double

your designs are tight, keep up the good work.

owen skyser-gray

john dos!
wish it could go on something less white but at the same time it looks really good on white, and i don't see it on much else.


that is terrifying. yet captivating.

he looks like he's enjoy his MEAL.



tentacle sex?


This is an amazing illo, as are all your submissions but I would never wear it.

WTF with the japanese and tentacle porn I don't get it?!


terrifying and amazing and unwearable for me.'s like... reverse tentacle porn...


Love it, but the legs scare me


^^ also it does'nt really look copied to me, just inspired by something else

just my thinkin'

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I am pretty sure that john2 didnt take this concept from some bizarre tentacle porn loving artist. It isn't THAT original a concept to come up with.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Ah the japanes love of the the soothing yet slimy touch of the tentacle dates back all the way to the mesozoic

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

the concept is obviously adapted from the Japanese woodcuts and paintings but, please, who the hell doesn't know that? artists, designers, illustrators draw their inspiration from something, soon you ppl will be accusing us of stealing from from nature.... duh

let's move on now....

wish it was on red! def a 5+$


My mom walked in when I was stairing at this.

I like it kindof, but I would feel weird wearing it...


never seen it before! i appreciate


perfect! 5$



grayehound profile pic Alumni

Hey! She's skinny! That's just not fair. I like them fat women.

The drawing, as usual, is exceptional. The color, though, leaves a bit to be desired. Still, a top-notch design, though too big on the shirt.


awesome design, color, and style. kudos to you sir :]


I don't really want to wear tentacle porn on a t-shirt...


oh god look at her foot! x.x
Great art and I like the orange oct best
5! Good luck!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

john .. normally I really like your work but this one isnt doing anything for me .. I think its her foot it just bugs me .. anyway it is really well drawn just not my bag


yea whats w/ her limbs did the octapus mangle them or what

Gloomy Monster

this is so beautiful. I'd love to buy it


Neato. And I love her bizarro feet.

Wait, I love them, but I don't LOVE them.


I don't really buy that he is eating her but not EATING her - as in fork'n'knife & "please pass the pepper." If that were the case, you wouldn't have had to place the mouth of the octupus right in her crotch, nor given her a facial expression that is "ambiguous." If she were eaten alive in the horror movie (not porn movie) sense, she would probably be looking a little more... um... in pain?

Aside from that, while I usually really dislike the grotesque style of illustration with distorted limbs, for some reason it is really doing it for me in this case. I think partially BECAUSE it has that tentacle-porn sex angle, but she's bottom-heavy and knobby-kneed, and you can see her flesh bulge a little in between the squeezing tentacles. To be honest, I think it's the squeeze-bulges that make me like this piece so much. It's a small thing that makes a big difference, that you paid attention to those little details. That tiny line in the first bulge of the right upper thigh.

I couldn't ever actually wear this shirt. But I can't help but score you high for the quality of the art in this sub.


Argh - I really do know how to spell octopus!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

The birth of

arrrr -5$

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I never really have much more to say than. "Wow" and "$5" to your work John. It's just always perfectly drawn and just amazing. so....

$5. Wow.


Nice style, yeah, but who could possibly wear this!?

streetwise profile pic Alumni

Hey John, you should go work up at the threadless home office up in Boulder. I hear they have excellent benefits. 5$

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments so far! And thank you Rahna for your insight. Although I had the most innocent of intentions with this piece it really doesn't matter because it's all about how the viewer interprets it. If you want to see it as an octopus going to town then thats's great too! I actually kind of like that it turned into something alot more sexual than it is, hopefully it makes people laugh instead of barfing a little in their mouths.


ewww...i don't like it at all, except the art, i love the art but not the concept


Again, amazing.

I don't understand why people have such a problem enjoying good art for its own sake on this site. They either have to qualify their praise by saying that they wouldn't wear it or that it's not your best work - or they have to go back two centuries to find the artist you "copied."

If it wasn't for the artists on this site you'd all be wearing Old Navy logos, people. Let's lighten up a little.


i am not usually a fan of naked asian women but your illustration kicks arse and has made me a believer!


wow i need this shirt NOW with the reddish squid. Japanese tentacle fantasies are a necessary threadless addition, PRINT PRINT PRINT 5$$$$$$$$$$$


Ahaha. Great title.


her toes are grosing me out maqybe if they didnt look like old men feet i like it better $4


i said pink



whoa awesome!

maybe there should just be a new john2 shirt every week? it could have it's own page like the 12 month club...



once again, john, your stuff is amazing. kepp it up, my friend. maybe do some more stuff like your first two subs, i want something like that to be printed


Sweet mother of all living sexiness, flamboyent erotic deliciousness, pure divine artisticness!
who are you?, i want to have your child, actually i just want to have your drawings child.
5 all the way

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