I initially designed this back in 2003, three years on the question still lingers. When will whaling stop?

Watch this

I can't help but think of sushi... very morbid sushi.


Mm. The blood likes like delicious strawberry goo of DELIGHT.


It looks like a sperm whale wrapped over red corn!
Me loves it!


There is something about this that really appeals to me...oh yes!

Rodney Brown

What I see is a phallic symbol, was this illustrated by a Japanese feminist? If so the message is clear and succinct, men with large members should be avoided. Whatever the message, I like what I see.


Thats a funky whale


For some reason I keep thinking of that time that whale exploded on the back of a truck.

koi three

The Whale is cool but I would drop the asian characters. They don't really look like they are real characters. Maybe they are, I dunno. When most people see this shirt they won't get the message. Like I said the whale is dope.


unless my Japanese really does suck, the characters spell out

kuirise? Does anyone know what that means? "Kui" can mean "regret", but that's all I'm getting out of it.


Hi koi three, I can understand that not everyone who views this will understand the relevance to the Japanese characters. Since 1987, Japan has conducted an annual whale hunt in the Antarctic under the guise of "scientific" whaling. They just so happen to sell the whale meat they apparently catch for their research. Here in Australia it has been quite a contentious issue for some time.


Ok, the last shirt I looked at, I said I didn't know how to feel.
I was wrong.
This one...
I definitely don't know how to feel.

Pink Rabbit

Lucky i read the first post because i thought this was a piece of sushi, i'd wear it, and would also wear a sushi version.
"too gory".. who cares, atleast it was designed well.



adorable, too cute to be a protest tee
what does it say?

koi three

Hello Pricetitute,

I like the design, but most people don't know the history. A lot of people well just think you hate japaneese whales or that your like your sushii raw and mutilated. People should be able to get the message right away. Most people are too lazy to try and figure out what the shirt's message is or they are in too much of a hurry.

It's just like when my friend was posting up graff stickers around the city. I told him that know one is going to notice the images because he had too much going on in the sticker. A lot of people aren't too observent <-- (probally spelled wrong). If he wants to get his message across he is going to have to make one solid image that can be universally reconized and not have too much going on in the background. Just like you see most stencil art.

Here is an example of Banskey's work. It gets the message across.
(even though not ever one likes it)

I agree the message.


I like it, I don't think it matters to much if people read different meanings into the work. It's much better that half the commercial stuff floating around.....

Daisy Duke

Love it - love the message and the design is great. Good luck!


...regret? O_o;

Anyways. Not a fan of the blood and gore.

ken keys

I like your style, nice one.
I'll never eat whale again.

RN Lee

I love whaling, so I gave it a $5!

Whistler Pot Pie

I thought Thomas the Train had been skinned on his trip to Japan because Japanese people think trains are a delicacy. Poor Thomas.

Can you also do a version with Sir Toppem Hat?



most people are "too lazy" to read a whole letter in the middle of a blog. if you want to get you'r point through, have less going on in the background. (plus you'r spelling sucks)


I love the design, but not so much the shirt color.


It does seem to say "ku-i-ri-se" and I think it's wrong for the word to be translated in japanese since it's written in katakana so I'm trying to figure out...Chris or maybe that's not a "ri" but instead it's an "n?" or a "so?" "ku-i-so-se?" I don't know at all. Is it supposed to say "science?" because I don't think it does. Maybe if the "ku" is a "sa?" Usually I can do this katakana-reading thing so maybe I'm the dumbest but...


I think of sushi not whaling ...
and as much as I love whales whaling is a way of life for some! like it Inuits! you canttake that away from them
I love cetatians but not this shirt


awww the whale is cute. I would like to see your whale drawing in a happy design. This one is too sad.

Lost Chopstick

what does the katakana say? >.> beacuse it comes out as "kuirise"... it confuses me.... >.<


I read the katakana as "kuisose", but looking back it might bight be "kuirise" and I don't know what either of those mean. WHAT DOES IT MEAN! ?

$4... if I knew what the katakana was supposed to say and it was readable I'd give it a $5.

$5 and a Buy IF the whale was happy and smiling a big wide-eyed, japanese-mascot smile, screaming the katakana enthusiastically and even more horrifically mutilated.

I love the blood geiser from the blowhole.


You totally screwed up your Katakana. What the hell were you trying to write?

Otherwise I like the design. Clear up your Katakana issue and I would vote 4/5.


kuirise? that makes no sense at all..

i caught bigfoot

ahh the whales back makes me itchy and my face gets numb
otherwise $5


nice illo-style


Being an Aussie I got the reference right away. Really like the design and the message.

Captain Inadequate

Hey, whale meat tastes yummy. Remember meat is murder, tasty tasty murder and it's not like there's a shortage of 'em, whales that is.

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