Turtles Love Monroe

  • by Krieg
  • posted Jun 01, 2006

Been a while since I submitted, hope I'm doin this right. Shirt placement was an odd one cuz the design, but it looks like bottom placement is more and more common nowadays. Hope ya like it!

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pure fucking genius. $7


Is there absolutely no way that you can give all the turtles their correct color masks? If not, then I can't vote on this. But I think the design is awesome.


i agree with joecacola. there's just no other way to describe it!


This is amazing.
My only criticism is that I'd like the design a bit bigger.


This is very threadless, but I think it's not clear enough that the turtles are below Monroe, and not in front of her.


i agree with trick, at first i thought the turtles were in front of her.


superb idea. just above mediocre execution. fix the perspective prblem and make it bigger please


make em a little more obviously beneath her, lol brilliant, maybe throw in a box of pizza next to them too


it has potential


Oh my god... thats some serious stoner thinking right there, and I LOVE it lol...

Hello KatelynS

this is amazing. I agree about the mask colors. But faboulous idea.


with only 4 colors allowed.... I can't think of a way to work all the mask colors into the design, that's why I made it clear which weapons they each held. As for the perspective, does anyone have a suggestion on a way to make them look further behind, as opposed to in front of, Monroe?


This is AMAZING. I hope you win!


thanks for the great laugh
: D


Before the ninja turtles were a hit cartoon, they were a hit comic. When the turtle were in the comic they all wore red masks no fancy colours. So if you make them all red you can say you went old skool. Also with perspective problems you could add some horizontal lines or shading to represent the walls of the sewer.

Pink Rabbit

Pretty cool idea, but i dont like the placement, could possibly be better with more (or different) colours. Also, the turtles' silhouettes should be green, not black.

I think it'd look betterb on a different, lighter tee colour.


OH MY GOD! This has to be one of the BEST ideas for a design i have EVER seen! Its genius! Absolutely. However, the masks need to be their own colours. You have such a great idea there, you need to make it perfect!! Id buy a load of them!! $5

Amy J

absoloutly spot on idea.
agree with above.. need to make it perfect.
but this idea is an effin winner!


omg hilarious.
those teenage mutant ninja perverts :-P


I agree with all the other stuff about perspective and wanted to add in my thoughts :)
The plug doesn't really go into anything, I don't think it's needed.
I know everyone gets it as is, but how about changing her dress to white? I think it would be a better contrast with the other elements.


people calm down, it's just ok.

amelia knoxville

hahahahahahaha. love. you.
i love the sub too! <3


the idea is awesome! But i dont like the execution


Its a great concept, but something about the way it's carried out just doesn't seem right.

Work on it and it could be really awesome


soooooo much potential. please don't give up on this idea, because i think all of us would LOVE to see a shirt with this concept printed! I second most of these opinions, and even though bottom placements are becoming more popular, i'm still all for traditional placement, especially with this design..

thanks for making my day!!


also, you're already using white in the design, why not make Marilyn's dress white? Thats what color it was in the famous picture.


Not my style... maybe I just don't get it but cartoon turtles with the countries greatest sex symbol? I guess I don't get it...


Again, to everyone suggesting getting all four colors in the design for the masks... submissions are limited to 4 colors, so what color would everything other than the masks be? as for the dress being white, I know I've seen her done in a silhouette style somewhere else before and the dress was white... I stuck with orange just to be a tad safer as far as copyrights go.


I love how the turtles really dont need a fan if they are below her anyways...


love it. fuckin genious!




needs a little work but this is tight. Change the colors of the masks and maybe center the design. hilarious.


wow. i am a huge ninja TMNT fan and I love the idea, but the perspective needs to be made clear, and i like the idea of a pizza box being thrown in, and monroe's dress being white. i really don' t mind so much about the masks, because it's obvious who they are because of their weapons. maybe make the whole image a little bigger too. with a little tweaking, this will be an amazing design. 4 just for now. i can't wait to see if you do anything with it. good luck!


I agree with the colour of the masks suggestion...and the colour of her dress to be white too! Yes, with the pizza box! Other than those minor things, this design is genious and you're very talented! $4 for now...but it WILL deserve a 5 and I WILL buy it if it gets printed!


The fact that the one turtle (Raphael?) is looking up made me understand they are underneath her. I didn't have a problem realizing that

I like it :)


my two favorite things in the world <333333



$4 - stretch it out, make the turtles seem more like they're underneath. And add the colour masks somehow :P

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