• by taillow
  • posted Jun 01, 2006

so simple, but i love this. love the color, too.

Watch this

I like the design but not the placement. Smaller?


how about the black and white classic houndstooth?


Interesting technique


i like it but it's too large and too boxy for me.


get it? it's HOUNDSTOOTH! that's what that kind of fabric/textile weave is called! GREAT technical execution. I love it! $5!

matt casey

i would definitely like this if it was on a different color (maybe a darker one) and if it was not tilted. anyways 5


AWESOME. make it smaller though.

i work with dogs and this would be so great to wear to work!!


smaller and black and white, and i'd definately buy it

owen skyser-gray

Hey. HEY.
If you told young Mr. Robots here to make his design smaller,
stop it.
Well, maybe a tinytinytiny bit smaller.
But it's not insanely too large.
And the boxyness isn't a huge problem because of the slight rotation.
Surprisingly smart, surprisingly well planned, and a definite 5$.
I really hope this makes it.


Yes, please. I want this. $$$


I would like just the shape of the dog in houndstooth. I like the concept, but the overlapping patterns and shapes seems sloppy to me. Keep it simple with just the dog's head.


yeah, I think it looks a little sloppy too, I can't make sense of how the pattern inside the dog correlates to the pattern outside. Maybe something as simple as reversing the pattern in that area would be better, but you'd have to work around a way to make the edges match up with the background pattern. tough.


I just dont like the square, i agree with removing it and just having the dog. really clever though.


I would say smaller too. Wouldnt have got the texture/weave connection but would buy it coz it looks cool anyway!


Haha, Houndstooth.
That's so dorky/nerdy.
It needs to be on black though.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I'm a sucker for this type of stuff.


really neat. cool design and good colours.

FUN.l .cake.

you must be smart. i wish i was a tricky shirt maker like you.
this shirt looks like one of those pictures that you have to stare at till you get really frustrated. and then a 3D picture pops out

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