Tetris Room

  • by htking
  • posted May 31, 2006

Didn\'t turn out as well as my main idea, but thought that it could at least turn out to work well for blik stickers!

Watch this

this reminds me of when after you play tetris for a long time in one sitting , you're still playing it in your mind when you stop. Does that make sense? Maybe that's just me.


agreed. i do that with zookeeper on ds. i try to sleep, but all i see are angry animal squares.


Thank_You, at 10:41am on Jun 1, 2006
this reminds me of when after you play tetris for a long time in one sitting , you're still playing it in your mind when you stop. Does that make sense? Maybe that's just me.

No. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!!!


I know what youre talking about too...and now I need to play tetris!!


i hear if you do a repetive activity enough, such as a game, it sticks in your head for some reason or another...i swear i read that somewhere.

good blik, good concept.



the real shirt changes color, right?



Yes, omg when I play tetris for extended amounts of time my mind turns everything into tetris. Ahh. I love this shirt.


"the real shirt changes color, right?".... commonsensible, we're on the same page i tell ya.

maybe put in more tetris blocks to make it have less blank space? i like the idea though.


i really dont like this as a tshirt. its not a bad concept, its just not executed in a way that would push me to buy a tshirt or wear it on one (if you meant it to go the way i think you were going with a tetris-into-real life vibe that is a tiny bit humorous, then it is a good IDEA), but like i said it needs some work... i think if it were more geometric overall, like in an obviously exaggerated way, or had more depth, or was more crisply illustrated, or just SOMETHING else that i can't put my finger on, i would like it better. maybe different colors too... like a standard color wheel hue of red/blue/green/yellow... or whatever else combo you think


hmmm.... This makes me think about how awesome Tetris block Bliks would be... this shirt, no to much


i love tetris....


I love tetris im like addicted but i love the shirt design espesially on black with the white outline it ROCKS!


dperduer, i really do agree. this was my basic idea, but i didnt have the luxury of enough time to hone it. i think of it more as a blik possibility.

thanks for the comments guys!


i love tetris.
either blue or black.


"holy crap, that's sweet!" was my first reaction.

i love it.

this would be a great shirt too even if it weren't submitted to blik.


This makes me think of the tetris block items on Gaia.


not black.
good idea.


whoa. i would kill to have tetris things on my wall.
dont particularly like the black.
great idea though.


was anybody else reminded of chairy from peewee's playhouse?


i like how the blocks fit on the corner of the window.
it would be cool if more of them were placed on the corners of furniture.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I <3 Tetris


nice, tetris.
but the shirt is too boring. there doesn't seem to be a point... 3


Kinda indifferent about the shirt...

Not a tetris girl...

But after playing original mario...who has trouble reading without thinking about whether mario/luigi can jump onto the next line of the book?

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