Remember Me

zoom in & choose a color...

your comments + thoughts are appreciated!

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oooh it took awhile to get the remember me part. I like the idea...

fc gravy

^^ ditto but like the idea also

jarrski & hutch

Saw "remember me" right away. Like the idea and I think it's very nicely done. Taking the trouble to zoom is worth it. I guess it would be very funny to wear this t-shirt in bed when your partner has neglected you for some time.


it's a cool idea, i guess, but its another one of those text design tshirts im iffy about


I like the concept and the color choices, but it's really hard to read. I like the idea of a larger posted with an actual message written on it; I used to have a t-shirt with a design like that on the back and people were always trying to peel it off of me. good luck!


whoa the sticky notes look REAL!


looks good - definately better then the first version you posted in the blog. I especially like the dooles such as the crotch arrow (and I'm not being sarcastic)

Gringz profile pic Alumni

really great!


my job requires post-its over memory. i'm diggin' it


This sub is one of the best. i want it now


I think it's a good concept - however, if I wanted post-its on my wall I wouldn't have to buy blik stickers.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Pretty nice. "Breathe" is spelled wrong, though. Might want to fix that.


good stuff

love your prof pic too.


I totally love this idea and even at first glance it's a great concept in itself... but you might want to think about how hard it'd be to read the small text.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

That is too cool for school


Muy original y gracioso, sigue asi Alex, cuando postee la mia espero que le pongas la maxima puntuacion aunque sea una mierda....jejejeje ES COÑA, bueno sigue practicando con el Flash...jojojojojojo


Really like it a lot. Not 100% sure about the content of the post-it's, but i'd still buy it. Nice one!


Excellent idea! £££££

stunt double

thanx y'all for the great feedback!

@tracerbullet: Shit! I can't believe i spelled it wrong, thanx. Will fix that when i get the chance.
@phones: Gracias amigo!
@Antiorder: I'm aware that the small text can be hard to read... i wanted to keep it secondary and not that prominent.
@Shaval: Oki doki!


i love this..but i would love it more if the post it's were randomly placed instead of trying to spell "remember me"...great idea though!


I think the idea behind this is really awesomes. but some of the post-its are kind of lamer then others and makes it not as flattering as when I just saw it shirt as a whole. maybe if there were diffrent sayings on them or something. great idea and good job. just there would have to different sayings for it to work for me.

so unoriginal

I really like this idea, but unfortunately not as a shirt., thats just me though. You've done a nice job all around. Very clever, and not a skull or some sort of random smiling food object or butterfly in sight.

Dr Snook

Excellent concept and nicely carried out, but it think there are 5 colours. Get around that, and its a $5.


oh man how i love this. i hope this gets printed, i'd buy it in half a heartbeat.



I would wear this.
Love the fact that you get the message from a distance and then you also get something out of it looking close up.


Really cool font design man


I like this idea a lot. I'm with Z_is_for_xylophone though, I'd like it better if they were randomly scattered around.


i ike the idea, but don't think i would wear it.


I think that this is really cute.

sophie the ocelot

I love the post-it notes, but I really, really don't like that they're spelling out words.


I Want it!!


I like the do not forget to breathe sticky


i definatly did this as a huge installation earlier this year.

great minds, great minds.


amelia knoxville

LOVE IT!!! print print print. peeeeeaaaas.
$5. definitley buy it.


you left the e off the end of breathe
looks good!!

Ava Adore

nicely done, great presentation.


really, really, really like this design. would look nice on baby blue, too. nice job $5


Holy wow.
It took me like 3 minutes to realize that they spelled something.
I feel like an idiot.

Nice job =D


love it, best on navy.

Pink Rabbit

I personally think this would look better on grey. Who posts post-its on dark green things?


I loev all the designs on the post it notes..awesome

R_G profile pic Alumni


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