Picture Madness...

Yay I made it in time for blik loves threadless!!!

ohh the madness of this week

Watch this

finally, something that makes sense for this contest. awesome job.


lol.. yay.. i like it! frames with lims! yay.

total buy!

mepushingbuttons profile pic Alumni

the wall outline doesn't seem to work on a t-shirt.


I think it works really well on a shirt.

Very creative, and perfect for Blik. Nice work!!


are those fingers?
at first I was grossed out.

then I looked more.
and I think it's cute.

but not on my chest.
on my wall, yes.


awww so cool 4$


oh...those chubby little legs!!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

i hope u will win this competition..this is great one!!! OFF THE WALL!!! yeah!! love your illustration!!!!


I don't know why, but I love it. $5


sweet design, perfect from the bilk contest as well
i really love this the more i see it the more i like it
those little frames are growing on me


hahaha very nice very nice. a bit quirky, but in the best way possible. like it V muchly.....5$$$$$


an awesome design, i love the randomness of it!
Way to go Wite Rabbit!

Bare Kat

Great job with the wall.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

really love your style... but lose the wall side... the frames could be "hanging" on the tee shirt.

stunt double

hahahahah... very clever!
good stuff!


Excellent work!
Good idea and it's definitely unique.
I'm happy to be in the running with you.


I absolutely love the idea, but I'm afraid I wouldn't ever wear that color combination... ^^U I'd like to see some variation with a cold color palette


$5 crazy cute stuff !


The one second from the top has a THIRD leg...



^^^ hahahaha

whether it's a leg or a "leg" it still kind of creeps me out...

So odd yet so cute.


haha i just noticed that, but the big one has about 6 legs, so im pretty sure its a leg and not a "leg" hahahaha


this is a really interesting idea.

pepius is right: you could do a lot better with higher-contrast and bolder colors.

also, i think you need some other narrative element here. either more of a wall, or some thing going on amongst the creatures, or fewer creatures slightly more elaborated.

the mona lisa, taking a smoke break....

maybe this is just one of those blik designs that would look a lot better as stickers than it does as a shirt.


I love this so so very much because as stickers on the wall, I could pin up my own photos in the blank spaces of the frames! :)


Dam this is the best blik idea if I have ever seen one!! As someone already mentioned.. you could put ur own photos in the blik frames!

$ 5

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