Long Distance Sucks

and i hope you know your state flags!

Watch this
cast the sky

the 2 worst states in the union


^ learn to spell before you comment on others' work.

i personally love the idea. well executed. it comes off as personally inspired, which is cool, but it can also be exclusive. it'd be awesome if we could choose any two states, but that would likely be asking too much.



I ike this resub a lot better. Cali boy and jersey girl are two recognizable sterotypes, or they should be.


oh crap there is one-- my bad

yeah i guess that says something :/

La Papesse

Bad execution on the flag for NJ, but a decent idea.


They is a lot of heart themed shirts design on here and its hard to stand out from the crowd, but I like the theme of long distance love.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

if you think that sucks you should try being an aussie boy liking a new jersey girl.


or try being a new jersey girl liking an aussie boy.


i like it lots.



omg bananablonde, get a room1@#!!!!


mcnasty, have you suffered a painfully large amount of brain damage?


holy mother of god. have you read my mind???? if you fix the NJ flag, it's a 5 AND BUY.

a jersey girl


i like it, hehe.
i think it would be hilarious, though, if NJ was to scale (as in much smaller.)



It might be a problem for Jersey girls to wear cuz then we'd have people asking us who this Cali boy is...

But I love the design. I just think the heart should conform to the shape of the states a bit more... and even though that's how the bear looks on the flag, it would look better if he and the horse were facing each other. It would fit the message more.

Fix those things and I'd probably buy. 5


besides the text and the dotted heart i also dont like that theyre the same size when in reality cali is obviously much larger..


How about Canadian girl loves Jersey boy? :(


how about jersey boy liking cali girls?
cmon now, but a nice shirt nonetheless

and mcnasty, wow, what the heck?


I live in NJ and love somebody in Cali and vice versa. D: But I'm not sure if I'd buy this.

Pink Rabbit

...must be an american thing, cos i dont get it.


i'd buy it only cause i'm from california, and my boyfriend is from new jersey...


I like the idea...
just, since there's all the ruckus about the flags...
get it right !
'Cept for I don't think it's fair to other people with different long distance relationships.
O well !


Try being a Texan girl loving a kiwi boy in New Zealand. I don' t like the design but I do like the color.


this is kind of a bad design & much to specific for a t-shirt.


umm, i just happen to love this.
this re-sub is amazing.
too bad i don't live in new jersey. or california.


So...i'm from australia and can't really relate
but i
so hard!

The colours are perfect...possibly make it a bit bigger...or the text more prominent. No wait, that would detract from the illustration. Um...i don't know - as i said, i love it but there's just something i can't put my finger on...

Regarding the specificity, i'd wear it, being Australian and all. What's the problem? It's representative of a universal idea...right?


I want this shirt!!!!!!!!!!!
2 of them!

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