A t-shirt I designed in a similar style to that of Shepard Fairey, but with a twist.

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Addicted to Colour
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I think it would be funny if you took out 'bring your own bombs' (a rip of system of down anyway) and just had BYOB and the plane dropping bottles of beer. I love the style though - if you made those changes i'd love to have that hung on my wall.


i like it, especially the colors


what addicted said.


Is that you, Dean?


Sorry, just that someone in my illustration class used the same design (different text tho) once for a lino cut project. What's your reference?


It looks like
Bomb Your Own Beers


^ not the text -- the image, I mean


System of a Down, JAZ. sweet song, but i see a potential copyright infringement.

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I don't really like the system of a down reference. If I wanted to promote them i'd just wear one of their tees.

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This DOES look very familiar....

I thought it was just because it's clearly inspired by Russian Constructavism. BUT if other people feel this may not be original art, I have to skip.


shep fairy called.

wants his art back.


Yeah, I originally made the design for a class where the object was to emulate an artists style amd express a song or poem at the same time. It is an emulation of shepard fairey, based on an soad song. Sorry if it doesnt appear too original, I'm working on another design at the moment. Just thought you all might like this one.


good for hipsters
but isn't everyone a hipster these days?

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Yeah, why do people always think this style is shepard faireys? As mezo said.. he was inspired by Russian Construcivism

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The plane reminds me of You Sank my Battleship


without the text, it would look walmart-ish. i don't like the colors :/

Barton Burns

MUST have this shirt... Love the old Soviet style art. $5


SOAD will kill you for copyright infringement. other than that, YAY SOAD REFERENCE <3


With a twist...? More like a rip-off, why don't you do a Banksy rat the next time...but with a twist.


OK OK The moron that said BYOB is a ripoff of SOAD is well... a moron!

BYOB stands for BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE when it's a party invitation.

Love the shirt though

amelia knoxville

i thought byob means bring your own booze. so i misread all them party invatations...damd. ill know to bring bombs next time.


i loved this in class [definately one of the top three], but i'm not sure it works on a t-shirt


dude where is the twist on shepards style , way to rip.


I second bluegabs


it would b good but it seems like it breaching somkind of a copywrite law


It's not really a rip off. It DOES look like the shepard fairy stuff, but only as much as they BOTH look like old russian propaganda posters. Google it.

the Teej

be your own bear!


Hey the Teabag! “Here's 20 cents. Call all your friends and bring back some change.”


Dude i am so telling Giant on you! He is one of the best Graffitti atrist ever ever.

  1. sorry. I like shepard's stuff, and have for many years. But you are not him....

where's the twist? Am I missing somethin' on this shirt??




no twist.

koi three

why would you want to copy obey..... Looks like you just copied an obey poster or shirt. I HATE OBEY !!!!!!!! Did you know his DJ events get sponserd by Starbucks and Scion. arrgghhh what's next buff monster style....

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