• by Exigent
  • posted May 25, 2006

Stasis Definition: inactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces. Upon reading this definition, I came up with this image. Originally this art was for a woodcut print press. But I believe it could make a sweet shirt as well.

Let me know how you like it.

Watch this

<gasp> That is awesome! 5$


It's beautiful. It looks like a vintage record cover.

one cute pirate

amazing, exigent! Call me crazy, but I like it the best in the center pic, with the split colors...not very possible on a t-shirt, though. I also like the palcement on the black shirt the best, but maybe down a little.
Absolutely breathtaking. $5 all the way! ( I would rate it higher if I could!)


whats going on with his mangina? i know we're all thinking it


i reallllly like it, i like the style on the black one. a little low and to the side. but the guy on it is kinda weird and gross loooking. too muscly. but i like it. maybe change the dude and i'll like it


That's really cool. The sci-fi geek in me wants to wear it on the black with the off-center placement, definitely.


this is so awesome that i think i might just die.
must be printed.


wow, that's a really fantastic design, powerful, artistic,...i love the lower placement on the black. nice job!


his genitalia leaves me really perplexed, otherwise I would have bought it.


looks like Mike Carey's Lucifer. very cool


A most excellent design. Def on black, though. $5.


I had to weigh my options: If I included the tools, I would get jeers from the prudes... and I knew that if I left them out, that I would receive anatomy-lover's questionings. So I concluded that the donger would be left out due to my not wanting to wear a shirt with some guy's johnson on it.

Nevertheless, I am glad some of you like my work. Thanks.


I like it alot. I hope it gets printed.


amazing. it should be printed, by Threadless or otherwise. i'd buy it.


inspired by " Moebius"? nice work!


I like it how it is, and I think.... ouch ! when I look at it. $5


I like the sample placement to the side (on black) better, but I can't make up my mind on the color. Good work!


... A naked man with a manjina, having some sort of jizz-like liquid being sprayed on his back and chest... no thanks.

P.S.: as a real crit, I'd have to say the anatomy seems stiff (too much like you were looking at a textbook while drawing it) . to fix this, draw as much as you can from life.


i think the larger, uncentered placement looks better.

and, be careful of 3ch1no's advice about drawing skinless muscled people from life -- there are laws about that.


this is to the 3chino comment. First off, I drew this without any source... as I was sitting at work when I drew this. Secondly, the stiffness was intended. If you were to read the title of this piece, you would see it is stasis. Which literally means to be stiff, suspended. You are a dolt, and your criticisms are flawed by lack of knowledge... next time read the comments and spare me the 3rd grader responses.


It'd be sort of neat to have the word "stasis" appear in that beam going through the man. Not sure I'd wear it, but $4 for good design.


Love the black


I like the black better simply because the design is to the side, not in the center.


Exigent, the first part of my comment was meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Those were my first (I agree... childish) thoughts that came into my mind upon looking at your T-Shirt design. It may hurt a bit to get pimpslapped with a comment like that, but you're a big boy and you'll heal.

However, The SECOND part of my response was ment to be taken more seriously and was not "flawed by a lack of knowledge". When it comes to creating illustrations involving the human form, the best way to improve upon your skills is to attend live model sessions. This is coming from my own experiences, and I'm sure many pros out there would agree.

Along with drawing from life, you should study anatomy. I can tell this figure was not drawn with an anatomy book as your reference, as the anatomy is WRONG. All i meant was that it seemed to have a very stiff feel to it, a lack of life. It is possible to make a figure appear to be in "Stasis" but still have life to him, which in my opinion would make this peice more effective. Copy and memorize anatomy from textbooks, read these books as well, and then apply your knowledge to your life drawing. Learn to draw figures constructively, starting with jesture.

Here is some advice for you (the best you've gotten in this thread hands down.) Learn to take crits well, don't let childish teasing beat you down (there are a lot of assholes on the net), and learn to not fall in love with your own art. If you can create it once, you can create it again (and even better than the first). Good luck.

P.S.: If you want to know of some good anatomy books, just ask.



3chino - Now THAT was a good comment. You're ok in my book. I must admit, that I am not completly happy with the end product, but I was bored out of my skull here at work, and needed an outlet... so I was sketching and came up with this. Granted, it isn't a great final image, but I thought it was a worthy enough peice when compared to some of the "stuff" on here.

Again, I appreciate the comments. I do indeed have a lot of anatomy books... its just that this piece is indeed a woodcut... it was cut into wood and printed and thus the very poor realization of form... not an excuse, just I chose the lazy way out... and the end score reflected it.

Lesson learned.

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