Femme Fatale

I remember seeing a poster or an advert of sorts for make-up years ago with a woman wearing a belt of bullets (I'm not sure what the actual name for one of those are) but the bullets in the pockets were lipsticks.

That was the inspiration, not quite sure what kicked this back into my head, but anyway, I hope you like it. Once again I reckon I've made it girlier than I anticipated. Maybe that's a good thing? You tell me. :D

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Salsa Shark

No guy would ever wear this. I kind of like it on purple, though.


mmmmm i am not sure about that


If it wasnt in pink, then it wouldnt look so girly methinks.


I think it should have that abstract background on the shirt


i am so tired of the femme fatal thing idea being done on shirts.


yea, i also think it should have that crazy cloud thing on it too

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The front part of the gun's angle is incorrect.


this tshirt is cool! of i was a girl i'd wear it. and maybe i'd wear it if i was a member of New York Dolls: its very punk rock!


it reminds me of a simpsons episode when homer invented a makeup gun

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

And the hammer-thingie where it hammers automatically LOLZ

The makeup gun of Homer is a shotgun, though.

Hayley Herself

Ahh yeah! I remember! That was awesome


omg i love this shirt


ILOVETHIS. and i think that a guy might wear it if they were emo, the gun is pretty emo hah im just skeptical about the lipstick. yeah well anyway, me being a girl would totally wear this so i rate 5 lol




i actually like it with the cloud/bubbles behind it.


I don' t understand the lipstick print, did she kiss the desk?


you should copy the "clouds" to T


Oh look! Another gun! How original!

Hayley Herself

Oh look! Another member who doesn't actually design any shirts but thinks its okay to comment un-constructively! How original!


i wouldn't wear it, but i think most threadless girls would. nice artwork, nice colors :)


i disagree... i mean, if you're trying to make a supposedly "sharp contrast" between femininity and masculinity, it's been dones a hundred times before and is hackneyed and, frankly, a little sexist---it kind of implies that we should still be more surprised by a woman toting a gun than we should be by a man.

nice try, but leaves me flat.


-I'd wear it, and I'm a dude. :)
-I like it better without the cloud backround, like it is on the shirts.
-The perspective on the gun does seem off.
-I didn't think it was sexist so much as based on the classic femme fatale character... :\<br /> -And, lipsitck bullets = awesome.

Hayley Herself

To be honest LongLive, there was no intentional contrast at all, I just liked the idea of bullets looking like lipstick.


Hell yeah! When can I buy it?


love the gun and the lipstick.
not too sure about the kiss-print, though.
but i would still buy it.. $5.


this is just like the logos for the movie "drop dead gorgeous" but I love it anyway


I like it because I love the song so very much

Pink Rabbit

Reminds me of The SImpsons ep when Homer invents a make-up gun, and shoots Marge in the face. Funny, cool design.


I like it! Lose the lip print and add the bubbles...It's a winner $5

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