what's happening back there?

  • by wuwa
  • posted May 23, 2006

The main design is for the tee, at the bottom some simpler wall variations.

Watch this

i thought that the gallery of suits peering into the colors was part of the design at first and i really liked it. but the real design is good too


i dont like his shoes.


Hmmm Converse shoes right?


Reminds of in the yellow submarine [the movie] when they sing "When I'm 64"

Poprocks Anonymous

I was gunna give it a 4 for being pretty but not having any major impact on me but then I saw the heart and the placement and was like, "Awww, that's too cute." 5.


why is he wearing converse? other then that i like it though!!!!


I would love it if it didn't have the heart, and was just a bunch of gears! Hearts are overdone. Still, good design.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

OMG another heart!


I think I would like it more if the "portal" had a "door" that was opened. Maybe the guy is even holding it open as he peered in.


^^ I agree with above, that would make it a lot better.
I like it now, but I would like it so much more if you did that.

timrb profile pic Alumni

that corporate logo will not fly


maybe a real heart? or a frog... just because... im kidding but i would like to see a frog keeping someone alive because im fucked up like that


i love the heart! and the shoes!
it's obvious why there's a heart thre, "what's happening back there?" your heart... duhhhh.. lol


i love the design. i hate converse.


I like this a lot. I think the alternate views on the t-shirt are cool too. I would like to see them stay on the shirt. I don't like the shoes either.


great idea! i like it a lot! but yeah, i don't see why his shoes have to be converse.


i might had liked this more if the guy wasn't there.



i disagree. he needs to be there to look into the heart.


If you made the guys look more corporate (by changeing his shoes) and put the b ottom desgin (like three of them) on a T-Shirt it would be a pretty snazy criticism of mass produced corporate art.

But the design you have is pretty good too.


i'd like it much more if you didn't have the converse product placement.


thats not the actual converse logo, so there you go, And i love every bit of this design. it's the first design I've seen with somethig vaguely recognizeable. and that fact that said shoes are Allstar EV's is just great.


Like the design. very cool. i'd stick with more genaric shoes (cuz you haven't heard that enough) and put it on something other than white. Something darker would accentuate the white that he is looking "in" on. Cheers.

D Nasty

I'd like the Converses better if they were like my Dwayne Wades. Haha just kidding. But I like the design.


didn't realize the converse shoes will stir up such emotions! anyway i like them, and its not their logo, and even if it was, this is not lame-mtv-reality-shows that we have to pixelate over logos. and i can change them to adidas too if the public demands ;-)

chemi hydro

I can't read all of this but, yeah the converse obviously need to get checked because otherwise it looks like a converse shirt. That's the best reason. Also I love this site. People can take your design and just tell you what they want it to looks like. Three to 8 people can all team up ideas on how to alter your art and they can design it perfectly to their liking after all of the effort has been put in for them and their prototype.


why did you make sure that people know that he's wearing converse?


I love this design. I would never buy a shirt with hearts on it if I could avoid it, but when it's right next to more industrial elements, well, how could I resist?!

I do like the shoes, but yeah, there could be legalities issues with it. Perhaps you could subtract the star and add a second thinner line? Anything generic that would prevent him from looking too "corporate" or "businessman".

All in all, a well-executed idea.


I really like it! I'm digging the man's shoes. :p $5


hate the shoes, it's too brand specific.
if i wanted a converse shirt, i would go to the converse website and buy one, that was made in a sweatshop in some 3rd world country by a 5 year old slave kid, that works for a few grains of rice a week.... but i dont want that, thats why i come here.

lose the shoes and i think it's a winner.


the shoes are a BIG turn off for me...

but otherwise...<3!!!! (i like it in green, yellow, and red.)

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