A Whole Mess of Locusts

  • by skeletore
  • posted May 20, 2006

Who wouldn't want a whole mess of locusts on their wall and/or t-shirt?

Watch this

The only bothersome thing is that the placement would cause the edges of the design to tuck under your arms, elsewise it is lovely.


like the idea but if you'd drawn the dandelions too that would have lookde so much better.


Smaller, less linear, theres not as much space as u think on your tee, but its good


The artwork on the locusts is ace i agree with Phones re the dandelions, i don't think you need them in at all as the locusts are strong enough without it.

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I thought it might not be as obviousy as I would have liked but the locusts are supposed to be flying out of the dandelion in absence of the seeds that would normally blow off a dandelion in the wind. It's my fault for not making that more noticable.Thank you for the comments anyway!


a goup of lucuss is called a "plague." "Swarm" is also acceptable.


just a suggestion: move the image lower on the shirt and have the lousts flying up the shirt to the upper part of it


i dunno about this one. its a tad bit plain.


I think its beautiful and I got the heebiejeebies all at once


this reminds me of Jeff Smith's 'Bone' series. (graphic novel) i don't think i would wear it, but nice design.


I agree with fraillittlegirl.
When you'd put your arms down, the locusts would be
suffocated! But, nonetheless, good!
<3- Paige

i carnt spel

NOOOOOOOO, i think we need an arc... to rescue the humans. My name is AAndrew thats andrew with a double A! We are getting on in alphabetical order... It would seem good that your name begins with a B Burgess but alas Everyone i know's name begins with double A!

Even my mate battery!


i dunno why, but i love it! $5



For the wall or the t-shirt I think it makes an excellent design :)

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