The Arcades Project

The Walter Benjamin shirt!

The Arcades Project (in German, Das Passagen-Werk) is a monumental ruin, meticulously constructed over the course of thirteen years--"the theater," as Benjamin called it, "of all my struggles and all my ideas."

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If Walter Benjamin was alive today he would have already made this shirt

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staffell profile pic Alumni

Love it 5$


I'm afraid for this design... I'm really, really hoping that some of the people who make snap judgments on this site stop and take the time to understand how wonderful this design is! And you don't even have to know who Benjamin is to love it... it's beautiful!

(I'm so pushing for this shirt... Benjamin took up about 15 pages of my thesis-- "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" was a LARGE part of the driving force behind it... I NEED this SHIRT!)

scoutti profile pic Alumni

tricky thumbnail!
but really, i like this shirt very much

Ray. profile pic Alumni

I like the ambiguity of the title a lot, and the lettering is superb. Ding ding ding!


i have used art in the age of mechanical reproduction in like...every essay i have ever written lol


like it. $5

mighty moody mut

FRAHENDS with this!!!!!!!
bigger Letters please!!!!
still a 4!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

you tricked me with that thumbnail.. I swore I hadn't voted on this tee yet :)



At first I thought I was going insane... then I realised it's just a tricky thumbnail... phew!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

hahah, you got me. I saw this, I'd but it on the thunbnail and was tripped out... hahaha good job.

nice work, would like it on chocolate/dark brown and then pink for the ladies.


Its lovely, and works very well on the pink
great job

R_G profile pic Alumni



I love it, but the color is not me.

Easy Jack

Loved the book, love the shirt.



Haha, nice. $5


i love the hand drawn details. bravo. 5.


you have outdone yourself sir.....

letter E = win :P

$5 of course...


I glove this, it is glovely, but seems I have already voted for it, far enuff...

oh $5


holy shit ive been reading the arcades project, i can't believe someone made a walter benjamin shirt (kinda)

so i have to $5.


It's funny, but I like this better on the hot pink even though brown is my favorite color for shirts.


love it!! great job on the detail!



$5 just for the thumbnail.

josie j

Great design, i like the detail within the lettering

Ava Adore

haha great thumbnail

awesome work, i really hope this gets printed


winner, i want i want i want! $5


This is incredible.

Jess Bray

nice work, i think everyone has covered the awesomeness and incredibleness of this shirt so there is nothing left to be said $5! x


without reading a stick of the website or blogs I loved it right away.. so cute!



Please no pink for ladies....I said please :(


I have no idea who Walter Benjamin is and in no way would you need to know to love this shirt. I would put the letters closer together, but that's it. I'm going to get this shirt and hit the ZAXXON machine for about an hour.

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