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I think the star should be smaller and distressed. But I love the Lenin.

sheriff wendee

I really like the lenin illustration but i really think the star is making it very ugly. i should get rid of the star, and just place the lenin on the shirt.

spires profile pic Alumni

This would be like walking around with Hitler's face on your shirt, except the regime Lenin brought about, went on to murder many more millions than Hitler ever had the chance to.

Why are these mass murderers trendy?

If they are going to be trendy, they should all be featured; don't cherry pick between the killers.

You get a zero, sorry.


Dear idiot, you seem to be confusing Lenin and Stalin.

spires profile pic Alumni

Dear sir, I'm not. I said, the regime that Lenin brought about; perhaps I could have said "paved the way for", and had been more clear. But the point remains.

Frank Vice

Check out my blog to see a close-up of his face.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nicely done - ditch the star though

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

the star kinda kills it, and spires you're a fucking moron. Lenin had nothing to do with Stalins interpretation of communism. Communism hasn't killed anyone, but socialism has by the bucketloads.

Communism has never existed.

So before you turn into a preachy dipshit - actually know what the hell you're talking about.


I agree, get rid of the star backdrop. well done.

spires profile pic Alumni

Communism has been the most murderous idea this planet has ever seen. To deny they greatest killer of mankind its most deserved title, would in my opinion, qualify one as a 'dipshit'; and if you are so inclined to follow this bad idea, an accessory.

Please, spare me your false dichotomy. Socialism is the aberration that results when communism is attempted. If you dislike socialism, then you dislike it's motivating ideal. If the theory can't work in practice, it is a bad theory and should be abandoned.

If communism is the ideal, socialism and its results are communism's abominable legacy.

Why don't you learn about it, before you attempt to tell me what I don't understand.

Here, this is a perfect start:


Firstly, if communism has never existed, then neither has an politcal system. If when it wasnt put in practice it didnt work as inteneded, then it just joins all other states. The US despite all it's pretences isnt a democracy, but it's success doesnt mean democracy is a success. Also, to judge Lenin on what Stalin did is kind of odd- as far as Lenin was concerned it was Trotsky who would take over. You can't judge Lenin on what people did after him, thats akin to judging Merkel (current German Chancellor if im not mistaken) on Hitler. But to be fair to Lenin, the only way he maintained power wass by establishing the Cheka and murdering all his rivals. Lenin did belieive he would make things better, but he took a very bloody route and failed.


spires, bananaphone, and Wither why don't you forget about the history lesson and judge the damn shirt.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

communism only exists when the government is responsible for the entire planet, that is one of the prerequisites, and thus communism has never existed. Even if i didnt take it to that extreme, it STILL hasnt existed. Noone has ever been capable of making it work because people are greedy fucks, but if it were thrust upon the world the world would be a damn sight better place!

"Communism has been the most murderous idea this planet has ever seen."

No, that would be religeon. Get a clue.

spires profile pic Alumni

Communism is a religion; that's why its murder is overlooked by the true believers.

And if worldwide communism actually existed, the entire division of labor would cease and the world would starve to death.

Good plan!



It's really gorgeous. But nix the star.


fucking amazing design. even though i wouldn't where it, i'll still give it a high score...i think people should at least have the option of wearing something so impressively made. (maybe a highly faded star would work better though?)


I think a distressed or faded star would work better with the style of the face. I feel the white block is just too clean for the rest of the design.


The star's too white...shouldn't it be gold, to stick to good 'ole communist colors?

But if you could, cut the star, and I believe you've got a winner.


yeah, the star is as distracting as spires and wither's comments...


Back in my day, we would shoot people who wore something like this. And the designer would have a public hanging.


Cool illustration, not that I'm going to wear a shirt with Lenin on it...but lose the star.

La Papesse

All political argument aside, without the star (too bright), this is a pretty clever shirt. And despite being a fervent anti-communist, I like it a lot just for the concept & design. $5


based off of these lovely comments i say this shirt deserves a 5 because its so thought and argument provoking :)


I like it, so everyone who doesn't can suck it. $5


Except for the distracting star, a great design, although I'd NEVER wear it. Sorry but Lenin was a cracked up motherfucker, no matter what bananaphone has to say (I love your designs b-phone, but i can't back you up on this one.) 5 for design, 0 for material, so i'll average it all out to a 3.


I pretty much agree with bk1 about the design (I have no comments about bananaphone). I just want to avoid any questions regarding the possibility of me supporting communism.
I really like these kinds of illustrations, though. I guess I'd prefer someone more inspiring like MLK, for example.


I like how people that use this site to get cool t-shirts act like they have a fucking clue about government, Communism, and even the world.


though i wouldn't see Lenin looking at this shirt, i love the style and design.


Like the shirt, but maybe make the star a little smaller or take it away, like quite a few people have said above, $4
by the way, "Communism is a religion." Thats the dumbest shit I've ever heard.


If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone explain that communism has never actually existed...

I would probably still automatically want to kill them all after sitting through a Russian history class full of freshmen.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i don't like the solid star. if it was made up of more hammers and sickles or vodka bottles maybe it'd suit the rest better. i don't know. it's clever and it looks good, but similar style things have been done recently. i realise you only just joined though so you can't be blamed for doubling up on ideas. at the rate you're catching up you'll probably be leading the way soon.


so viel arbeit für drecks alternativen shit.sorry.aber ich hasse kommunisten genauso kapitalisten und dein shirt is einfach zu "rot".


aber wiel du deutsch kannst 5$ und weil dein shirt ewigst arbeit gebraucht hat


holy political debate.
ditch the star or move it


yay, communism and bloody dictatorships are totally awesome! i love people who kill other people on my shirt. when people meet me, i like them to think that i love death and opressive communist regimes. hey geniuses, reaganomics works in theory to, why isn't that fashionable?



The design: I like how a figure is made up of a bunch of tiny little images. I know people who would buy this as is, but I'd agree to lose the star or move it elsewhere, as it's distracitng from the other part of the design, plus it's way friggin' big.

I'm not into political debate, especially when so many people have many incorrect or ill-informed ideas about Marxism, Communism and soforth. I don't really want to be a target for that kind of debate, but I know others would like this shirt.


you could argue that a shirt with George Washington is just as offensive, becuase he stands for the government that killed 10 million native americans, but w/e

bombshield profile pic Alumni

I think you'd sell a buttload of these in Kazakstan, but I doubt Threadless will print this simply for the fact that doing so would contradict their socio-economic foundation. I also don't think filling a profile with tiny images is entirely unique given the history of submissions on this site; if anything it lacks signifcant detail and complexity when compared to other successes such as Para-Normal US and Ashkefardic Ultra Refoconservadox (Stars, Hammers, and Sickles...do those really represent Lenin?)
My suggestion: look at overlapping Lenin's contemporaries and and other events at the time of his ascension to power, this time period was a hotbed for design (modernist ideas were greatly influenced by the Russian Revolution)


Oh no not the damn Russian revolution coming back to haunt me AGAIN!
Good lord.
I just wrote an essay on this a few weeks ago.
Lenin fiddled around with true Communist ideas anyway (like by completely ignoring the whole stages-of-social-progression thing, and by conveniently forgetting that Marx thought the French Commune was a kick-ass way to run a country/world), and then when Stalin rocked up, he just munted it up entirely. (Munt being an Australian word for vomit. Also used to mean screw/cock up something. Just so you know).

"dein shirt is einfach zu "rot". "
Hahaha, that's hilarious. And works on two levels. Hehe.

I agree with the distressed star idea. Or something to stop it looking so clip art and distracting from the fun design.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

to the idoits fighting over communism...

like capitalism is so much better. Of course it is.. it saves millions of people everyday. Think of where all those poor third world countries would be without communism. How many people have been saved from u.s. involvement in foreign affairs.. millions.. heck, i'd even say billions. Thank god for america and capitalism.

spires,.. you're an idiot


Russian design - especially from the revolutionary period - is fantastic. Bombshield - you made my day. Check out the Stenberg brothers for one.

This shirt is nicely done, but fairly shallow. Which is why it won't go anywhere - it is too open for interpretation. Sorry. 2


wonderful illustration. i wouldn't wear the shirt, but it's really well done. i agree - either lose the star, or fill it with the same pattern filling the black and gray.


.... I like the star. the design is pretty amazing.


definitely an awesome design. distressed star would work better, but it works just the way it is too. and i would have no problem wearing this shirt, mccarthyism is over.

spires profile pic Alumni

I was done with this, and then saw that I was called an idiot again. Perhaps a disclaimer would help:

I'm not a fan of America or America's foreign policy which was somehow bundled with capitalism. I don't believe in America, or war, or violence, or any other political means. I do believe in methodological individualism, liberty, Austrian economics, rationalism and strictly voluntary transactions. Good point about George Washington, whomever made it.



the star needs to be distressed,
but still its really great.
unfortunate that it comes so close to the release of 'communist party' as it follows the same lines.

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