Mad Scientist

  • by Maecenas
  • posted May 15, 2006

Sporting the Cruncher and the Spiker.

Watch this

Looks like Colonel Sanders to me...

Salsa Shark

Give 'im a green coat and TV's Frank and you've got Dr. Forrester.


LOVE IT. WILL BUY IT. For me and also for gifts! Can we get a female Mad Scientist pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase?


er... like it, but should be slightly madder looking. Kind of slightly funkier eyes. Something weird in a pocket.


I thought it was a doctor at first. Then I saw the title. Mad scientists need potions bubbling up around them. Chemistry sets and explosions. The Cruncher looks too much like a pizza cutter. I think a black shirt would be a good pick, though.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

einstein caricature


I grade tough on T-Shirts. I thought it was Einstein on his 1000th try on electricity. Try something unique. Add a better background. Like in a lab or something.


I like the idea, but he doesn't really look insane enough to me- I concur on the strange thing in pocket... Maybe turn the stethoscope into something sinister? However, the scientist himself is quite cute, and I would wear it as is (if someone bought it for me....:)


the gingerbread man hands kinda detract from the whole mad scientist vibe for me...


He looks like one of those guys who advertises for used car lots who are giving you CRAZY SAVINGS. Only instead of crazy savings, he's giving out free bone saws and Wartenberg Pinwheels.

Look Out Liver

He doesn't look to much like a scientist... "Mad gynecologist" seems a better title.


i agree he looks more like a doctor. i like Look Out Liver's title choice...


It's a cool idea but doesn't do much for me.. but happy to see that others really like it.. good luck with it.


I really want a mad scientist shirt. Some minor improvements would make this idea fantastic. Good luck!

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