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we see and we create

what did i write?....hmmm lets see yes....the woman sees the butterfly and everything around her is inspired by it....much like the people at blik, me thinks.....we see the little things in life and they inspire us to create.....hmmmmmm...hope the size is ok this time

Watch this

really like the colors and the drawing but i just feel like the image on the shirt is awkwardly shaped, the bluntness of the square outline is too much for me i guess.. i'd like to see it with some other way of fading out around her face


could the pattern merge into the lines of her hair somehow? and please break the hard edges of the rectangle more

Salsa Shark

Maybe place it in the corner of the shirt to at least break up the rectangle a little? I don't know, just a thought. Other than the rectangle, it looks nice.


i love the idea...but the girl's face looks not very well done.


I like the butterfly but the background is too distracting and hurts my eyes.


I love this! Great work!


lilypads- is this for a shirt or for thsoe wall sticky things?

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