a penny for your thoughts

  • by Veverka
  • posted May 11, 2006

ooh, I really like this.

Watch this
bananaphone profile pic Alumni

good but im not into the guy, i know it goes against the entire concept but hey, thats just what im saying, still going to rate it well regardless.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

woohoo, it's up. Nice work funkie. I would actually like to see this an analogous color to the shirt that it would be on, so blue tee & dark blue image. Even just one shade darker than the tee, then you'd have this huge subtle kick ass illo covering you.

staffell profile pic Alumni

sweet funky!

Salsa Shark

This is just too beautiful for words.


i'm gonna second bananaphones on not liking the guy in the middle - the style/shading difference bugs me - i know it's the point - but it still bugs me


this is great and it gets a 5 but i wish the kid wasnt so angst-y looking


they guy in the middle just doesn't fit with the rest of it. maybe if he was a bit shaded he wouldn't stick out so badly. very well done otherwise, though! ;)

sweet troubled soul.

quite fantastic and detailed. nice.
i'm not sure if the text is necessary though.


I hate these kinds of designs... but I like this
The size of the graphic and the placement on the shirt are fantastic
the guy's head does stand out a little but I'm not sure if it's too much
It's nice to not see a skull for once though.. ok I changed my mind... i like the guy as is


This is awesome apart from the face in the middle. He just doesn't fit in... although it seems as if it's like the 'thoughts' are coming from him.. he would look better if he was shaded more like the rest of the composition or not so realistic


love everything 'cept the guy in the middle. makes me not look at the great art.


this is awesome! i would have to buy this if printed.

montmont profile pic Alumni

the guy in the middle was a mistake, its totally not in the same style as the rest of the drawing. You could have trusted your audience to make the connection between the name of the design and the text and the concept without having to club them like a baby seal with that head.

Apart from that, its a super strong drawing. No face and I'd want it, with the face, meh.

Ava Adore

i agree with robsoul, thats would be a great colour scheme

very nice illus!


I don't usually like vaguely busy images like this one, they make me think of Topshop / Burton Menswear (no idea what US equivalents are).

But this is excellent! 4$

kennnnnnnnnn profile pic Alumni

i would also really like this without a kid.


I'd snap it up in a second but only without the face. Gorgeous illustration, though.

timrb profile pic Alumni

I would use realistic human faces with extreme caution. People usually won't want to sport the face of a complete stranger, and I tend to agree with that. It's probably some sort of deep, primitive psychological response having to do with trust, but the effect, I think, is strong nonetheless--- and it hurts this design.

So beware of that.


awe-inspiringly awesome and beautiful
a definite 5$

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

in the words of Ava Adore..



this is just too random. boring colors. the shape of the whole mass of whatever it is could b better


I agree with bananaphone in that I'm not too into the guy in the center, either, even though that's what the whole concept is based on. I find the monsters and the owls in the background much more interesting, and I could do without the tentacles. The drawing is nice, but just doesn't work with me.

I like monsters.

Juliet :)

this is really neat.

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