• by hefen
  • posted May 10, 2006

Hope i got the effect across properly..... three shirts with possible colors show different placement positions. Enjoy :)

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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I think this would be great without the male/female symbols. not really into the copy + paste, be nice if you did something different on one side as opposed to the other.

love the colors, on dark gray/slate or burgundy

Salsa Shark

Oh my god, that's beautiful. I want it NOW.

Joan Burroughs

I like the colors, but the male/female symbols are an instant turn off. I'm queer though, so the breedin' straighties may not mind.



well, i love the critique and the praise comin in, really appreciate it, after all, we never stop learning, im learning stuff when it comes to demographics day by day, and hopefully future submissions'll be more demographically attuned.

im lovin the praise more though, hehe, keep it comin :D


no male/female symbols... otherwise its perfect. i like the bottom right hand placement on the navy shirt... or on the black shirt... either one.


i love it. i really want it!!!


I like it on navy where you placed it. Nice colors.


very trippy. i like it.


i don't get the male/female aspect of the shirt. but aside from that, the colors and design are super keen.


i wanted to incorporate a sort of union between the male and female form. trying to get across that this design isnt just a female graphic.... i guess i was a bit ambiguous in the design..... but if chosen that can be easily removed....... fingers crossed IF i win..... :S


I think this shirt would be a lot cooler if there were lesbian and gay sexualities portrayed on it. Or have the choice to pick it. I do like the symblos though keep them, just be more diverse in your audience appeal.


I'm all for taking off those symbols. >>; I just think it does nothing to help the design. It looks wonderful, but the symbols just ruin it. That and I could never get myself to wear a female sign on me.

Salsa Shark

For everyone saying to lose/change the guys are crazy. The symbols make the shirt.


i would buy this in a second if the design was HUGE. And I mean like as big as the shirt huge.



I love the bright colors! The design on the bottom right on a grey/slate colored t-shirt would be amazing...I would buy this shirt in an instant i love it!



Leave off the symbols-- seems too much like an agenda though from your comments I don't think that's what you intended.

Like the design VERY much! $4


yeah the symbols are for female and male, but the design has the faces of 2 females. Kind of contradictory. I as well, do not like the symbols on there.


the design on its own is great. :) love the colors


$5 if you take off the symbols.


so the final consensus is that the users have a choice of taking off the symbols......... well, if the good folk at threadless're reading this......... PLEASE come up with some way that can be achieved and dont judge this entry as incompatible. pwwweaaaaaseeeee ! hehe


not into the heterosexist undertones, but not really against the male/female symbols--just the way they're arranged.


It's kind of neat. The colors are too crazy and mixed up, though... it's hard to tell what everything is. From a distance, it just looks like vomit. (And I'm not trying to be insulting, I just really don't know how else to describe my first impressions. Sorry!)

As for the male/female symbols, I don't mind them at all... I just see them as an element of the design and I sort of like them.


black, center, $5. the gender symbols aren't problems for me, but i guess you could replace them (with something instead of gender symbols), and it would still be fine. my favorite feature is the psychedelic colors.


navy bottom right looks good.

Borf JR

i think itd be amazing for it to be girl girl at the top cirlce and boy boy at the bottom. you could totally fit another circle in the middle, that being boy girl. just a thought. and the design and colors are AMAZING! i'd buy it in a heartbeat if the signs were changed.


I like the way the limited colour palette is used to make it seem like there are more colours than actually present.
The design (with the gender symbols) reminds me of unisex hairstyling boutiques in the 70s. That may be a good thing, if yer going for retro.
Keep it up!


I LOVE this! 55555


i think that the shirt is gorgeous. i disagree with everyone, that the colors are too bright, too mixed and that it would look better without the female male symbols. i think its absolutely perfect and i wouldnt change it. i also think it looks best on black and in the lower corner


Keep the reminds me of the acid trips & free love of the 60's.


I love the colors...but yeah, the symbols scream "heteronormative" which'll push alot of buttons.

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