Coin Op Star Wars

  • by P!N20
  • posted May 10, 2006

Let keep it simple...I wanted to combine two loves, Star Wars and 80's video games (think Space Invaders and Galaga.)

From the top: Slave 1 pursuit vessel, TIE Fighter, TIE Advance X1 Starfighter, and then our heroes, on the left: Millenium Falcon, on the right: X-Wing Starfighter with R2-D2 in the back.

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great concept $5


pretty cool, i think it could work a lot smaller, and maybe some laser blasts in there somewhere.


aww this is excellant, but why is it all 3d'y and skewed? and add in a couple of laser blasts (i can't remember what colour x-wing laser blasts are, oh my god...)

love the idea though, you couldn't make it as wall paper could you?



I have never owned a Star Wars shirt, but this one is great. I would love to give this as a gift to a couple of friends. Once again, awesome!!!!


If it were my design, which it's not, I'd put the X-1's between the standart TIE's and the Slave I's... But that's just me.

I agree with the request of laser blasts being added, but either way I love it. =)

$5 from me!


Make it look flatter like the actual space invaders game and I'd give it a 5.


i think if it was flat/2d without the perspective.. it would be even sweeter


i dont like this for a lot of reasons. first of all, slave one was the name of just one ship, and it should have been saved for a boss. the x1 was a prototype-there werent that many of them- you should have just said that those were interceptors. i dont know what you were thinking. $5

sheriff wendee

i love pixel art! but i don't like this. it would've been cooler if it was without perspective, like the real game $3

Daniel San

Yeah, I don't like the perspective. Also, just have the Falcon.


agree on the perspective, just falcon, and multiple slave comments - a good concept though.


Ummm ... so where's the link to buy this ? or do I have to click "Shop" and then try and find it with no search ...


Now thats cool...

Juliet :)

PHEONIX!! This reminds me of how my graphing calculator get me through high school math...


Love the idea. And even though I'm a huge SW fan, I'm not going to bash the canon-ality of the graphics/ships used (c'mon people!)
I would though: only use 1 ship (pref the x-wing) at the bottom
Put a Death Star at the top (in place of Space Invader's UFO)
Row of TIE Bombers
Row of TIE Interceptors/x1s
Row of TIE Fighters


I think the non-canon nature of it is what makes it great....old video games NEVER duplicated the movie. I mean, just think of that horrible Super ROTJ level where you had to fight all the desert monsters to get Luke to Jabba's Palace!

I do agree that the perspective should be flat. And the Death Star idea is wonderful! Keep both ships, tho. While it's not true to Space Invaders, Luke's X-wing and the Falcon are iconic to Star Wars.

I love the concept, tho. This had better be made. I'd buy three, in case the first two get worn out.


<a href=""><img src="" width="220" height="119" border="0" alt=" Submission - Coin Op Star Wars"></a>Love it and I would still buy it but it can be improved.<P>1. Like what others have said it should be straight/flat and not offset at an angle.<P>2. It should include a single 'Death Star' at the top above the 'Slave 1' row to imitate the old Alien mothership.


Love it and I would still buy it but it can be improved.

1. Like what others have said it should be straight and not offset at an angle.

2.It should include a single 'Death Star' at the top above the 'Slave 1' row to imitate the old Alien mothership in good old Space Invaders.

3. Some laser blasts. Red for x-wing and green for the tie-fighters.

Just some points to improve a great design into an awesome one.


wasnt there really an 80's starwars arcade game? and it looked nothing like this.

i get what youre trying to do tho.


sikosis, at 8:02pm on May 16, 2006
Ummm ... so where's the link to buy this ? or do I have to click "Shop" and then try and find it with no search ...

Wow. Zero clue. It says "Submission" in large friendly letters.

Nifty design.


Star Wars spin on space invaders!

Way to think bloke!


NICE this should be a game!

Brett F.

creative, and i love the perspective


its good but dont tilt it


Gave this a five, but I think it would be better slightly smaller on the chest. I want one!


Heck yea. I put "id buy it" on alot of things, But if I could give this a 6, I would.
Make it a tad bit smaller though, its a bit too much at that size.


i think the perspective makes it look more dynamic and exciting. i too would like laser blasts. really nice shirt


Please make this one. I would buy it up in a heartbeat


like it alot.. the combination of the greatest things in life.. maybe not greatest but its among the top.. keep em coming dude $5


I'd like to see this one made. Nice job.

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