• by twinkie4u
  • posted May 09, 2006

You can’t spell BELIEVE without LIE.

The concept: John 14:6 a direct quote from the Bible spoken by Jesus, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man shall cometh unto the father but by me.”

Which is the one true faith? How do we believe one is true and all others false?

I decided on Helvetica for the text because Helvetica is precise and structured which compliments the tradition and ceremony of many religions.

I offered only light and dark options for this tee, in this case white and dakota slate. I decided on these colours because I think it is important to express that there are some people who take the Bible and other holy books literally and believe that there can be no grey area in religion. It also complements the absoluteness of the quote that “no man shall cometh unto the father but by me.”

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From a purely design standpoint, I like it and I also dig what you're trying to say. I would be afraid to wear it, and you are definetly going to stir up some controversy in here.

tomburns profile pic Alumni

might be even cooler if it were even more shaped like a cross.
marilyn manson havd a shirt design with the believe/lie thing goin on though. neat idea though

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

nice typography but fuck, i wouldnt want religeous nutters coming up to me to bitch about religeon all the time =P


Wow, someone wanting to stir up a little religious controversy. How original. Christians are going to be changing their minds left and right thanks to this little nugget of enlightenment.


fall out boy had a shirt like this without the bible mumbo jumbo. i just cant find the the shirt.


Heavy. Nice design.


the design is ok.

and you can find other statements of absolute worship in other texts from other religions as well. does that make them all liars?




Where’s the coma between way and the in the first line? You have the ; after life why leave out the coma.


wow, original concept and good use of text. can't say i agree or that i'd wear it. but it's a smart design and the colors work very well.


Good design, but... "fuck that."


somebody is going to hell and its me and somebody else......


I like the use of typography, but it seems like it should be in a print ad or hanging in a clothing shop window. Nice idea though.

Also think about this... if Jesus was lying then you would have made a valid shirt and would have lived a life the way you wanted to live it with no consequences. You would not have gained or lost anything.

But if he was right, then that would make you a liar and there would be consequences. You would lose a whole lot.

I'm not saying that that's the only reason to believe but you do stand to lose a whole lot more than you could gain. A gambling man wouldn't bet on your message.

God Bless.


$5...i love the concept

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

god is an old white man sitting in the clouds with blue eyes that shoot lighting bolts at sinners and gay ppl. he also likes coconut milk on sunny days.... why must you question his existance?

ha, j/k

very well designed, strong message for your cause, but whether it's pro or con, religion continues to divide ppl. 4


leonc328: Pascal was a wuss.

Like others have said, nice use of typography, but I don't know about this as a shirt design.

Salsa Shark

Hmm. I'm a little offended by this.


design point of view its alright but the message sucks. what do you have against christianity? id definately not wear this shirt same goes with almost everybody i know. 1 : (

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

The design is good. You could have used the lie in believe for anything. Why you chose a religious idea, I don't know. It would be better if you had some funny little goblins running around the type. Just a suggestion.

Also what you are saying with the shirt isn't the same thing as what you are saying in your comments. In your comments you suggest that there are gray areas, but the shirt just emphasises the word lie. What are you really trying to say here?


I feel it is neccessary to clarify the concept. I am not against Christianity or any other religion. The concept argues for a more open minded approach to religion. It is not meant to attack religion but does question those who promote fundamentalist beliefs, be they Muslim extremists or fundamentalist Christians. I chose Christianity ONLY as an example for this design because it is a very popular religion in North America.

PAY ATTENTION, do you honestly think Threadless would allow something so blatantly offensive through if that was the message I wanted to convey?


A gambling man who truly bets on christianity shouldn't be a gambling man. Bad analogy.


twinkie: You're not asking for an "open-minded" approach to religion, you've made a shirt that says that the founding principle of christianity is a lie, which isn't a very open-minded approach to religion if you ask me. Why didn't you choose "There is one God, His name is God, and Mohammad is His prophet" or "Jews are God's chosen people on earth"? Is it because you don't want to offend people's religious beliefs? No, it's because you chose to attack the most popular religion in North America. Did you think that people would actually allow this shirt to be printed?


Yeah twinkie, it looks pretty might want to choose a different design or quote, because this one could make a lot of people really mad. That might not have been your intention, but when people see this shirt they're going to think that you're attacking Christianity specifically, because it certainly looks like it. I'm not Christian and I wouldn't wear it, and I think the only people who would are that specific brand of athiests that are intolerant and even purposefully destructive of other's beliefs. Try and send your message more clearly.


This shirt and the use of the word "LIE" doesn't argue for a more open-minded approach to religion. It feels more like a blatant attack, despite what your intentions may have been. Actually, this could even be seen as close-minded in how it refuses to be open-minded to the fact maybe there is just one truth, whatever that truth may be.

I like the design, so I won't give you a 0, but I am honestly offended.
As for the comments about "fundamentalist Christians"... so many people refer to anyone who actually follows their religion as "fundamentalist" or "radical" but we're not all toting Bibles.


damn.. i took so long writing my comment that R'son-W posted it first lol.

Drip Co

umm, there is a marilyn manson shirt like that.


It's so easy for non-Christians to hate Christians.

We don't hate you, so why should you hate us?

Oh yeah, because it's just so EASY. How rebellious.

Has Christianity ever hurt you? Or does it offend you that others are finding a deeper meaning in life? Do you wish we could live on the surface?

What I really got from this shirt is this: I need to find a shirt with a cross spelled out in white scripture on a dark grey shirt. It really is a pretty effect.


y0 m4N i 4m l0V1nG y0Ur d3S1gN stYl3 s0 /\/\uCh bUt i'm r3Ally t0Rn aS t0 /.\/\y r4t1ng cUz i C4Nt aDvOc4T3 s()M3Th1nG qU3stI0n1nG cHr1sTiAN1tY

timrb profile pic Alumni

God forbid you should create something that might make somebody somewhere mad.

Three cheers for boldly expressing your point of view.


I like anything that makes people think and squirm this much, but honestly, if you wore this in public, these people would be inclined to come up and give you their two cents, which is why I wouldn't wear it.


I'm all for open mindedness when concerning religion, but that does not make me want to wear a shirt with scripture and the word believe with LIE being the focal point. This is a CLOSE MINDED shirt.



And you've also got to think: Is religion a hobby or a system of practices surrounding a faith? If it's simply a hobby, a way to pass the time, then you're right. We shouldn't say that Chess is the only way to recreate when obviously Monopoly can be fun as well!
But if it's about faith, then you are talking about beliefs and the question of "What is truth?" If you don't believe what you believe in is truth, why call it a belief?
So the question comes down to, what is the nature of life? Is there a God? Do we have any kind of obligation to even ackowledge whether He's there or not? If He is perfect, and we are not, then there's a barrier there. A block between us and him. Most religions say, "If you can do the following, you will be able to be like/with/transcend god." But Christianity says, "You CAN'T do anything to achieve perfection once you've been imperfect, so it's impossible for you to be anywhere near God." But the excitement is that Christianity also teachs that God loves. He loves you so much that he took on the flesh and constraints of manhood, lived the life of a man perfectly, then suffered the death and seperation that comes as a result of a life of imperfection. And then He extends his hand to you... If you'll accept that God is God and you are not and that Jesus's sacrifice filled in the holes left by your imperfection, you can fulfill your God given purpose and be in communion with the Father, the Creator of Heaven and communion with God.


This shirt is great! Now I have something new to wear to church...


I believe that this shirt is very open minded. Open mindedness is showing BOTH sides of the story. While everyone is attacking the artist for being close minded they are, in fact, being close minded. They attack and throw stones when another point of view is shown that doesn't correlate with their own, specifically in saying that religion is a lie. I don't believe that the point of this shirt is to say religion is a lie but exactly what the artist said in his first post "Which is the one true faith?" for every religion believes that they are the one true faith, correct? If everyone agreed that Christianity was the one true faith then there would be no Muslims or Jews or Mormons in the world. Everyone places importance on their own religion, Christians take it upon themselves to "church-plant" overseas constantly but if you compare that to Catholics coming to the early Americas and converting Native Americans, we look back on how the Native Americans were forced to cut their hair and lose their culture to start Catholicism and say "What a pity..." only because it wasn't us. Will we look back in 20 years and say "What a pity Africans and Asians lost their heritage..."?

But everyone will think what he or she wishes. I am not against religion but it just doesn’t make sense to be offended by words printed on a potential t-shirt.


P.S. ethanjhayward: Your comment is a disgrace to your cause. The self-righteous tones and underhanded aggression will not help bring those undecided to your faith.


There Was A Horror Movie With BeLIEveas The Selling Point a While Back. and This Guy ^^^ is a Dick


Nice... I like the controversy... bring it on bible thumpers...


no pun intended but JESUSSSS

read the man's explanation before bashing him as "anti-christian"


haha, thats great - god is my favriote fictional charactor!


As previously stated: ethanjhayward you are a disgrace to your cause. I will forgive you based on your age alone, hopefully with age will come wisdom and a broader understanding of the world outside your middle class suburban shelter. You show the true nature of a person who is deaf to the opinions and beliefs of others with your quick reply to bash the design and designer. You also demonstrate your ignorance by not even reading the first post explaining the design OR the follow up post further trying to clarify the shirt. THIS GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU AS WELL.
I like religious people and marvel at their faith. I despise religious zealots who march to discredit, slander and abuse anything which makes them THINK, which makes them QUESTION their beliefs.
In this regard I think that this design has triumphed enormously. Through 1 days worth of judging the exact people it strikes out at are the ones who come and fiercely deny its merits. Had this shirt used a Muslim or Jewish example it would instead be those people attacking this design I have no doubt.
That's the beauty of this shirt, it calls into question all faiths and the way in which we feel superior for believing one over the other. In the end we're all people, no better or worse for believing one set of rules or another. To claim superiority based on religion is parallel to claiming superiority based on the COLOUR OF YOUR SKIN.
It's sad that nowadays on Threadless those who present designs with a message and strong concept are abused for their efforts.
Twinkie4u, forgive them; for they know not what they do.


Design-wise this gets a 2, but I really feel like giving this a 0 because this just doesn't belong here.


i really respect you for jumping into a hornets nest by putting this up for voting - that takes a lot more guts then I've got

- I've always got to laugh at people who think that their religeon should be above questioning of any kind as if its seperate from everything else in this world


TWIKIE4U... CONGRATS. Your shirt has inspired debate and comments GALORE! Woohoo for you man. Mission accomplished, even if it isn't printed.

montmont profile pic Alumni

quite boring, both in formal qualities and the "debate" it has inspired. Good try though.


way too contraversial, you are not saying 'maybe it could be a lie', you are saying is is a lie. if you goal was too raise peoples emotions and get people worked up i think you will succeed but if you goal was to get printed im not to sure..

Jus A Rascal

stickin' it to the man.............................$3


Ok, twinkie4u, tell ya what. I'll understand the point you were trying to make here if you'll understand how I'm telling you that you failed. You know, I agree. Some denominations of Christianity are too full of themeslves and their Absolutist attitudes to realize that they're excluding one of the most central aspects of the Christian faith--you have to open your mind to see the Truth. There really shouldn't be a Right way and Wrong way to have Faith, just as long as your heart and your soul are in the correct places. Now, your shirt design here decrees that Christians are wrong when they believe the words of Jesus Christ when He says the only way to the Father in Heaven is through true belief in Him. From what I understand your explanation to mean, Christians exclude people of other faiths when talking about a sincere and guaranteed salvation in Heaven in the afterlife. Now, please, correct me if I am wrong, but if you do not believe in God the Father (i.e., are not a Christian), then you wouldn't even be concerned with the aspect of a life ever-after chilllin' in Heaven with the Holy Three at all, would you? You're not going to care whether or not Christ's words were true because the idea of reaching God when you die wouldn't be a concern of yours. This of course, does not apply to those of the Jewish faith, who don't believe in Christ's divinity and only pay attention to the Old Testament anyway. So really, what I'm saying here is, what concern is it of yours (since you obviously don't believe in Christ or what he says) to say anything in the Bible is a lie, when you're being just as closed-mined and as much of a liar as you claim Christians are. Which, by the way, why are you only picking on Christians here? You mention "the Bible and other holy books" in your explanation, so why not throw some quote from the Torah or the Koran or maybe even something Buddha said in there, too? If you're gonna be a bigot, you might as well throw it all around, you know? Cover all your bases? I'm not offended at this shirt; I just had to sit and laugh at its idiocy.

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