Life In Pink

  • by willypiva
  • posted May 08, 2006

Hope you like it...

If you get it, fine...

If you don't, try and find some beauty on the design...

Leave some comments!

Thanx everyone!!

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i'll be honest, i dont get it, but it is absolutaly stunning!! - such a sexy design, well done dude!!


i like the design, but whatelse can i be getting?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

^ agreed.

would be an awesome band shirt, love the text, colors, imagery


thanx guys!

It's just a contrast between women's fragility and a dark sorta creepy image... not much... I just said that, since many voters at Threadless give very low scores (0?) to what "they don't get"... and in this case, there's no explicit story behind..


I like the image as a whole... but I am not a fan of pink.


i thought you meant the movie too

if you're not familiar with it - it's a french movie about a cross-dressing (future transsexual) boy

i have nothing against gays and transgendered people - but i think a lot of guys wouldn't want to wear this shirt due to the potential gay undertones


has nothing to do neither with the movie nor with gays...


whats it say


La vie en rose = Life in pink (French)

mezo profile pic Alumni

Gorgeous imagry plus one of the few instances where I don't tell you to 'find another font'. Amazing!


there's a langerie store near where i live called la vie en rose...


I WANT this for my sister's birthday present! Lovely.


I give it a $5 simply because Edith Piaf rocks.


I really like this, but my name is Laurie Rose and it would sort of look like I was wearing my name on my shirt.

5 and theoretical $


thanx guys! glad to hear that from you all...


but I'm not fond of the extension from the "a" in "La"


It's cool looking, but I'm not sure I get the refrence. "La vie en Rose" is an Edith piaf song, which this doesn't really capture the essence of, so I think I'm missing something.

Or maybe you're just going for the life through rose colored glasses kind of idea?


Yes... that's it...
It's an old saying, the song, the movie, the lengerie store, and my sub got it from there, there's no reference to anything but what the phrase represents...


That's why I've warn everybody from the possibility of not getting it on my first comment...
Not everything has to have a direct reference, story or pun behind it...


this is effing gnarly and rad-tastic... print it


.....hate pink


thanx thermos...

pilamy, I don't like it either, but I really like this design... specially for a girl's shirt, and that's why I presented it on boy o_O, and I really mean it hehe!


fucking cool!!!....................................................$5


I think that dagger is amazing!!!!


Hmmm... i love La Viva En Rosa shirts but the text on this one is really hard to read. So I am sorry this just ain't gonna cut it for me.


It's "La vie en rose" and in spanish would read "La vida en rosa"


I like the color choices and the detail of the butterfly. The font is creative as well and goes nicely with the colors.



I am confused about what a dagger has to do with life in pink, which is a shame, because the dagger, in my opinion, is the coolest part of the shirt. Saddening, though, because it would be stabbing right down through my cleavage, and I don't think I really want to be giving an arrow "follow the phallic symbol down to my crotch!" Just because of the way eyes following vertical objects, that is, and because I've had too many professors obsessed with the knife=penis idea. I'm not saying that's how everyone would see it.

I'd rather see a shirt focused more on the dagger and less on the pink and the life in pink stuff. The dagger is just awesome, but doesn't really fit with the "life in pink" idea, in my mind.


luis! i love him!!!




Beautiful. I love it, and would wear it this moment.

I like it that it's a dark idea--contrasting "my life in pink" with the dagger and mad lettering . I'm giving you a 5. Hope it gets printed.


I adore it. Surprisingly elegant, in my opinion.



"La Vie en Rose" is a old French song . And saying. If a guy is "afraid" to wear this shirt because of some recent movie that used the title, then I guess he wouldn't buy this shirt anyway.


Thanx for the support guys!

uberadorkable: things are not that complicated... sometimes one should keep it simple... the whole thing about this shirt is that the dagger doesn't fit with the pink, in terms of what they represent... there's nothing related to penis implied hehe!


That is a undies store in Ontario...
and probably else where in canada


verry nice. love the dark colors.


The movie is actually titled "Ma Vie En Rose," my life in pink.

But I first thought of the movie when I saw this too.


Sort of plain, but I like it anyway. ;D


lady_macbeth, at 10:39pm on May 14, 2006
That is a undies store in Ontario...
and probably else where in canada

There is in Quebec too.


has nothing to do with the store... read comments above...


abstracted: I'm not sure what you mean by "scene"


i didn't realize it was a dagger..i just saw a slash in the middle, and you're talking about life in i definitely thought female genetalia (sp?). but seeing the far away i see the dagger...

Gunslinger_ Extraordinaire

5$ id buy this...but my mom would be freaked out with the dagger..but whatever.. its an awesome shirt

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