DnD 4 Life

I like drawing cartoony fantasy stuff. I wonder if there is a market for this kind of crap? I dunno.

Watch this

I'd buy it!


love it

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

nice work, great characters


hahaha.. DnD. Awesome. There should be more of those shirts on here. It'd be even sweeter if you could put "DnD 4 Life" on the back.

Mike Laughead
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I'm not sure if I can use the name DnD or D&D or anything like that because of copyright. That's why I left it off.

I'm glad that you guys like it.


Great style and good colors.


totally love it...print that yit...

Ray. profile pic Alumni

hahah, nice

Green Cellist

Yay I love fantasy stuff! Centaurs, dragons, archers, oh boy!
Would like to buy.

spacesick profile pic Alumni




i dont like it
i just dont like the design personally
but it looks good

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

Aleesun... what does that even mean. You don't like it as a shirt but you think the illustration is good. Or the whole thing looks crappy? I'm not sure what you mean. Thanks for the comment anyway. And thanks to everyone else for the comments. I appreaciate it.

M. Rogers

i wish it said "DnD4LIFE" or if some other shirt--possibly illustrated by you--said it. but the drawing is great (i especially dig the centaur). you might want to offer other color combos-- i'd suggest one that is in the green family or the brown (for some reason i think of DnD as being brown).

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Haha - you should have a small Peter Jackson somewhere yelling "Cut!" 5 anyways.


looks like somthing id wear if i live with my grandma


Not my type of style so I would never wear it... nice art anyway.


Dungeons and Dragons game scared the crap out of me as a child. People were getting into it as if it were reality, and losing their minds. Nowadays, this looks like a videogame battle. :) 5


sweet baby jesus, man. you rock. 5$ on Threadless, 7$ in my book.


Unless that's Bilbo...which makes more sense.... in any case, you rock. $5


I'd like it if you put the title on the shirt! It'd be funny..

I'd buy as is though

great work


Yet again you have a way of throwing some little surprise into your illustration. I spy Sam Wise.


reminds me of picassos guernica.


Great style, just a touch busy. I would remove the flying lil guy or the centaur (since he's going to trample poor Frodo).
The title just begs to have an image made from it in a gang tatoo style with swords instead of guns.


cool illustrative style!
I'm not big on the whole DND thang but the style is cool!


I love it. I think it's better without the text on it. Why explain the joke when the picture stands well on its own?

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