How Snow is Made

aw. it's cute.

Watch this

love the design $5


Lovely. Just not in a straight line down the centre of the shirt


not thrilled about the placement though... maybe the design needs to be smaller so it only takes up the top 1/2 of the shirt... not sure. the design is adorable though.


Definitely cute, but I agree that having it be in a vertical line is problematic-- there's just not enough separation between the 3 stages, you know? Also, I would love, love, love it if the final picture had, instead of little U's for eyes, little X's, because in the middle picture, the little cloud looks very alarmed, as though s/he's about to be impaled.


I like the cloud o'snow being contented and happy for finding a mountain to rest upon, rather than dead; although it is an interesting idea.

I don't have a huge problem with the shirt. Yes, it might get a little confusing upon a first glance, but when viewed in context it shouldn't be too difficult. If there's a way to space them further apart, that would be good. I'm reluctant to suggest having it go vertically across the chest, as I like the vertical sequencing.

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the size and placement are perfect


I think it's freaking adorable and I really like it.

I agree on the vertical placement issue, though--particularly between the first and second part, it's hard to tell if it's two different stages. Maybe put it horizontally across the shirt, instead of vertically? I think that would make the progression clearer. Otherwise, it's very cute. I like the simplistic design--lots of shirts on here are overdone and too chaotic/loud for me. This is really nice.


its not the lovefanclub for no reason yo

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it needs to progress downward still but in a staggered falling leaf kind of motion, back and forth like a snowflake falls. that would keep it from being so staticy in the middle of the shirt, and would probably clear up some of the confusion about the steps. or do a whole mountain range with assorted clouds here and there, some with their snow already and some waiting for it. also maybe give the mountain a face too, but may end up being too much

Jess Bray

Hot! LoveFanClub. Feelin the love $5.


I was thinking it could work arranged like those textbook diagrams of weather systems... vicious cycle or circle or something...


i actually really like the placement. i think thats what sets it apart. it adds something to the shirt, if the placement was changed, it would look bad, and i dont think it would be any good


Its kind of boring but I like it.


That's so funny! I can just here "bloop" as it hits the top of that green hill thing.


I'd like it in frames, like a comic strip, vertical tho

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i want it, now


love it, good on ya!

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Is it wrong to get slightly turned on by this image?


aw it's very cute


Its cute.
I would wear it.
Not around other people.. but in like my room and i would sit there and giggle at the shirt because i like it so much


its eally cute, but i think if the secuence was left to right it might be easier to understand, it also reminde me of mario which i love so, you won lots of points :D


This is adorable and the art style is simple yet effective. Nice job. =)


I love this! Why didn't it get printed?! :(

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