Icecream Girl

haha damn straight. this is like those shirts that say "listen to black sabbath," only if i saw someone wearing this shirt, i'd REALLY be compelled to buy ice cream. for many reasons.

Watch this

it's a really really great design but for my liking it's to big $5


almost gruesome. but i like it.
if you could change stuff, I'd say make the lines of the icecream cone a little less well-defined, splatter it some maybe. Cause now it looks too clip-arty compared to the rest of the design.
Good job tho.


i dont like the text.


oh come on, the text is what MAKES this shirt.


satisfying, but terrifying.


I like it better on the hot pink of the image, as opposed to the yellow.


good work..i like it


very interesting mate, kudos.

Salsa Shark

This is very cute. Unfortunately, I'd probably get made fun of for wearing it because I'm fat.


I like the design but not the text.

Red Rooster

the problem i have with this one is that the little girl looks like she's come straight out of Silent Hill...

A fun game, yes. But not something i'm overly keen on splashing across my chest.

especially in pink :P


yeah, the girl is monsters inc.-ish.

R_G profile pic Alumni

niiiiiiiiiiiice cream


that looks alot like Boo!


They should make every at least a print on a black or white shirt


mayb u can change da font

5 bucks


love it love it. Need more shirts like this with great text. I like the way it is not sharp and clean, almost like an art print.


I love it. 5.


Very creepy. Keep the text though. If there is no text, people can't make out whether it's an ice cream or a microphone.


I need very little incentive to buy more ice cream... but this does not make we want to buy more ice cream.

Still it made me look a while and it's nicely done. 4


Keep the text, the juxtaposition is integral to the design, no?
It's a bit too creepy for me to wear tho. Actually no, I'd buy it.


oh my goshh, i love it.
looks hot on yellow. :0
definitely fiveeeeeeeee.

i would buy this.


this is awesome.
pharell might get mad though haha.
def 5


Its creepy.. i would never wear it. Ever.
The little girl looks like the girl out of Monsters Inc.
and there are Xs on her eyes... :S


yea looks like BOO

off monstaas inc


i really like the stencil idea, but i totally desagree with the font selection, i think it breaks whatever flow you were placing with the stencil. The girl has a direction, her body is a little inclined, try to follow this, dont kill it placing really stiff and straight letters, maybe the problem isnt if they are in order or not, its that its not the kind of letter that can be stenciled and painted on with a spray can..
oh i like it more on fuscia than yellow, it seems more dramatic..mmm are those leafy things on the corner in the design? because i wouldnt mind seing in it..

i gave you a 4, 3.5 if i could


i'd like it a lot more if it had a bit more color and no words.


its the little girl from monsters ink....except shes not cute anymore. =/


sorta like it. seems like the typical Hot Topic tee-shirt.

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