The hippie dream is dead

you lie

Watch this

its not dead, protesters are just pussies now.


I would buy it in a second.. without the text.


Noooo! It can't beee! Ahem. Once I regain my composure, I'll probably give this a decent score. :)

Salsa Shark

I'd buy the hell out of that shirt.


kirksheltonart, at 11:33am on May 8, 2006

its not dead, protesters are just pussies now.

no their just not as stoned.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

"its not dead, protesters are just pussies now."

ha ha, best quote all day


$5! Text is a must have on that shirt


This is such an awesome design! I think the text is really unique, it flows with the design and actually has a point to it. It stands out from all the other "artsy image" shirts. I'll buy it. $5


I read Hippie as Nipple. Perhaps its because I just ranked that UFO not Nipple sub, but the font doesn't really seem to work. Maybe a different font or no text?

tommy c.

iceblink2, at 2:40pm on May 9, 2006

"you guys dont know what the hell you aretalking about. none of youwhere there. "

This design isn't about war during the late 1960's or 1970's.
I made it to relate to the "war" and "war issues" going on right now...
So i do know what i am talkin about:)


I might like to see it without the text bubble and maybe a giant sun in its place. I sort of feel like Threadless shirts need to have ideas that go without saying. How does this shirt convey that the hippie dream is dead?

Show me, don't tell me.


w/r benny

viva la vie boehem


It's not dead, Fox News (AKA Conservative America) just doesn't like to admit there's any resistance to their brash decisions.

Hate it with the text.



I don't really like the bright yellow, but I love the design. I agree about taking off the text.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahahaha you people....
"would be better without the text"....are you serious?
It wouldn't mean anything without the text. It would just be a shirt with some hippie symbols on it. w/text it's actually meaningful

love it


Being that I am currently living in Eugene, Oregon, notorious Grateful Dead sanctuary and dread-lock, pant and skirt wearin' hippie central, I would DEFINITELY wear this shirt. Oh boy, would I.

Heaven was the Battle

I don't really like the text, it takes too much away from your bus design, which is realy cool. Maybe because the text is too bold and contrasting. Think about what kind of reaction you want your shirt to get and then decide whether the text is necessary.


I really like the design on the shirt, but I would like it better without the text. Yes, I know, it would take away the whole meaning of the shirt without the text. Then again, I don't like the meaning of the shirt, just the design.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

nice work, great colors and imagery


I don't like this shirt. The text is stupid, it would be better without it. The meaning of the shirt is stupid. The hippie dream is not dead. You probably don't even know what you're talking about. You're stupid. I'd let you pay me $5 if I could stick it in my butt. I'm a designer, and my opinion matters.

tommy c.

I really did laugh out loud.
Thanks for the input you dummy.


you should change "dead" to "still alive"

^__^ then i would buy it in a heartbeat hXc!

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is about war?
I read it as low gas prices in America are dead.


Love the yellow on the gray.
AND the text. In fact, I'll take the text in it's cloud over the imagry anyday. Not to say the imagry is rendered bad- it isn't. It's just not my bag, baby.

M. Rogers

i guess i don't see why using hippy imagery would go well with the text "the hippie dream is dead." the images look very positive; the text refutes that positivity. i think there's a fundamental disconnect that is either poorly wrought or overly dry irony OR someone gunning for the anti-hippy dollar.

i have two anti-hippy dollars; they're yours for the sentiment and a nice illo that nonetheless does not succeed conceptually.


With out the text its fucking fantastic. I know alot of US who arent dead though.


it needs the text, regardless of everyone on this site who is too uptight to allow any text on any shirt. i disagree with the message though, or at leats i wouldnt wear a shirt that is flaunting the fact that we are so dumb and ignorant to protect our world or think for oursleves regarding political events.


I think the VW bus needs some hippie flower- power designs on it. :) And I agree that it should say The Hippie Dream is Still Alive.


No text would look wonderful.
I love Hippies.


nooooo! i was so excited for this shirt until i read what it said. tisk tisk.


Er, to everyone who would like this without the text:

Without the text, the shirt has lost all of its meaning. The image relies on the text in this case, and without the text, this image would no longer be making the statement it does, but rather, something similar to its opposite.


I like the design, but hate the color combination. Maybe yellow on a different colored t-shirt, or a different color for the design, or both.


"the hippie dream is dead"

thank god it is

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