You are not your beret

Matt Giraffe:

Thankyou all, I know I have been absent a little lately and I am sorry as I know many of you find me a vital part of your creative expression and influence. I hope that this piece will prove to be as enlightening as cornchips.

Watch this

this is my favorite out of your submissions i think


hey, i wear a beret, and i'm neither a french commando or a cute girl. i'm barely a 'cute' guy. i like to perpetuate the stereotype of artists that wear berets, plus i live in the midwest USA and i'm the only guy i've seen in a hundred mile radius who wears one. i've even had people offer me money for it. i also wear a bowler from time to time... also been offered money for it. why i'm sharing all of this i do not know.

interesting style.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

good one

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

You say you like buying designs you couldn't create, so surely you should like my work.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

At first I thought you were crazy and really annoying, but now I see that you're a genius.


God almighty when will they print you already????

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

probably when I get one of these over 2 =P

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

So funny!
Skeleton in the closet still rules though

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

mythbusters - one of the few shows ill actually try and make an effort to see.


closer - but it's missing something

i think this submission would benefit greatly if there was some tongue-action...

kissy lips at the very least


I like it, but if I am not mistaken, 'sacre bleu' means "Holy Shit" so i could probably never wear this when I go to france.. or in the presence of my parents. [whome are french] so for that I give you a 5 but not a buy.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i think your style could use alittle kick, try something outside your ussual face/person and text, just a thought though nannerphone


this is my favorite one of your so far.


i.. just.. don't find these kinds of submissions funny


bananaphone your killing me here. a blind kid with down syndrome could draw this. i would not necessarily call you a genius either. your designs just seem simple and thrown together. if i could give it a negative score i would. stop trying so hard to be clever.


$5 for the paragraph on the bottom

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

sure Jharv, right after you stop trying to force your opinions on people that think you are insignificant and stupid.

le_hell profile pic Alumni

great job Matt, this kind of designs are pushing things forward. btw, somebody compared my style to your's, so thats a compliment for me (i guess) haha

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Yes! $5


liliwins, at 4:49pm on May 10, 2006

sacre bleu does not mean holy shit and you are mistaken. It means sacred blue and you are a dumbass for being french and not knowing what that means and I hate you

Ouch. Someone didn't get a hug from mommy today.

Matt - It's as though your designs are growing on me. Are they getting better? It doesn't seem so, yet I am liking them more than I did. Are you the integral cog to the creative universe that you thinkyou are? Certainly not, but hey, confidence is an asset, right?

This I would wear.


Why did you paste text from what seems to be an erotic novel on there?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I wrote it actually, not paste.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

but don't you know, everyone must like all art!


what the hell, bananaphone, what are the words in the bottom right corner of your submission?

And back to your old, crappy art, man. Bllaaahh


Hahhaahaha! I'm from France and I love it!

Especially the Sacre Bleu!

P.S. Berets dont have pom-poms.



Its not a banana phone dumbasses.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

yeah i know re: pom pom, it was just a little thing i threw in =P ive seen a couple with them but yeah.



bananaphone profile pic Alumni

eating breakfast.


I like your style a lot.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

your profile pic is pretty sweet.


Very cool!


The funny thing is, it looks more like a tam o'shanter than a beret


why don't you ever have your little poems on your shirt


whats with the soft porn in the corner of your submission? the t-shirts cool, altho i might feel i bit pretentious wearing it... as if think im a cute girl.


Bahahaha that's awesome.
If you got rid of the annoying little coloured-in white bits in the letters, I'd so get this.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

thats fairly easily done.


hahaha i wish it was just the drawing alone

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

hey that actually would be quite amusing if it was quite big on the tshirt...

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