I like eggs for tee

Ah yes, eggs for tee...geddit?

Okay, so this is my first submission for Threadless. I can't think what the hell inspired me to do this, but I'm suprisingly impressed with it; Mainly because when I had drawn the spatula, it unexpectedly turned out to look like a golf club. Anyway, I hope you like it!

Watch this

Quite a good design, I laughed that it happened to be a golf ball. My dad would love to buy a top like that. I liked the idea, keep it up :D
Peace out,

staffell profile pic Alumni

Jesus christ this pun is bad

Hayley Herself

Yes, it isn't the best idea.
But hey, what would you call it?


too big, the graphic needs to be smaller but i like the bottom right placement :)


very interesting... nice colour choice..

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't even get it....eggs for tee? Like...Tea? Eggs for Tea? yeah...I don't get it.

No matter what it's not very good. The spatula can't just cut off like that. It doesn't work for a design on a tshirt. At all


ipiatt, if you're going to comment, you should probably have at least a slightly constructive sentence, you however have simply said it wasnt good and you told him how to do it...

you suck, goodbye

Hayley Herself

sigh don't worry Thermos, he has a good point. Perhaps this wasn't a particularly good design, especially for my first submission.
Let's hope my next one is a bit better

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