Rock Lady

First sub, if you\'re going to criticize, make it constructive, thanx. :-)

Watch this

I like it, the only thing that I would change is that it should maybe have a grunge filter over it to make it look less crisp.


the hand is a tad bit off

but maybe a few more details to it would fix that.


The hand is AWFUL. How could you make such a gorgeous lady and such an AWFUL hand?

Alexandra B

I really like the idea and the lady image, but yes, maybe rework the hand?

Salsa Shark

Yeah, the hand is bad, but it could be fixed, right? Other than that it looks pretty good. Honestly, I didn't even notice the hand was there at first (so I was kind of confused as to why it was called Rock Lady).

M. Rogers

the blue on light blue is my favorite. i love the simplicity and the retro graphix and the HORNZ. great sub. $5.


i like it
it looks like thte chick from i love lucy
i'd g ive it a 4!


the hand looks really weird.
change it, and it'll look nice.


Heck yes I'd wear this shirt!! Dark blue is my favorite...then Light blue.


I'd hit it, and then I'd spit on it and do it again. $5


i'd wear it, but i do like the idea of putting a grunge filter over the image, and also, i really like the lettering style--maybe incldue that somehow?

the hand is not the biggest deal in the world. i wouldn't worry about it.


to potato's comment: hm, ever heard of constructive criticizm? you can tell me that the hand is awful, but tell me what is so awful about it, how exactly would y'all change it??


yah, distress the image more, ad rework the hand. definitely a 5 then


i love it , but maybe you could narrow the palm and make the bending fingers longer? recheck the shape of the thumb also?'i hope it's contrsutive....




jochia, best advice i've seen on here yet... and, um, can anyone translate rougearia for me? haha...

tiger obrien

i like it, but agree that the fingers are at the wrong angle.


i love it on either orange/pink or orange/gold!!!



rougearia said:

It's nice but it's too big you need to maybe reduce the image.


I really like the light yellow shirt. I would totally buy it.


Love the largeness of the lagy on the layout!


It definitely looks like naked Lucy and kind of creeps me out!


nice but yeah the hand is a bit off, wrong angle, it'd be awesome even without the hand full stop
tho your colours are great except for the bright blue on the navy (but thats just me, i dislike most shirts where the the stencil/whatever is lighter than the back ground


hand looks weird, doesnt fit well with the lady


i like the placement and the idea, but yeah, it seems a little off. and the color choices could be a bit more polar.


like it, especially on light blue


the line at the base of her little finger is too high I think... a line marking the base of the thumb would give more depth. The first fingers a little long, kinda creepy, and the left side of the wrist is at slightly too steep an angle.

I love the shirt, good work!


love the gray and blue


I <3 the light blue and pink shirts. I just love this sub in general; I want and need it on my body, right now. I didn't notice the hand's weirdness at first, but the more I looked at it, the more it bothered me.. it's not horrible though; I'd buy it with or without fixing that. $5


Rework the hand, then yes.


I like the blue on blue



This is a neat Idea

The women is really well done but the hand needs work.
So with the hand as is Zero if you re work it 4!


I really don't like the colours chosen for it.. at all.. and the hand is a bit off it kind of messes up the whole picture.. but the idea is awesome.


If the hand was flipped around so the back was visible, I think it would look a little more natural


It's awesome, the hand could be softer, so it looks like it belongs more to her body type.

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