• by feefster
  • posted May 05, 2006

aww...i really like this. really cute =] original.

Watch this

how sweet.. the man reminds me of james dean.. which i love!


i want that...NOW!


I like it, but I think it might be better if just a tiny bit smaller.


Thats pretty saucy


I thought they were saying H E L L O

Something about the lady's right
hand doesn't seem right.


Hmm hand looks fine. Good design. $5


Shirt is bitchin, I really like it. I will buy it.


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! This design has to win...


this better get printed i wanna get it!!!!!
know i have seen some submissions along the same line but this has to be the best

december faded

im really liking the design, of all the threadless shirts ive see(even the printed ones) this is one is really awesome, i think it has a sweet feel to it, im really hoping this one wins...$5


This Looks A Lot Like The Max Payne 2 Poster In My Sisters Room


I really really hope this wins. I Want It Now.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni



jenna michele

i love it.
id wear it all the time.


Print it on white. And fuck up to all those people who are like 'fuck white is so cliche'd', claiming white is cliche'd/boring is cliche'd.

This T in white with black stovepipes would be excellent, I don't care what anyone else says.

I'd buy it still.


good stuff, can't wait to see more from you in the future


i think maybe the one thing that could come closest to the awesomeness of making out is a shirt with people making out on it. super great, i'd totally buy it.


lovely! pls let this get printed =D


très belle realisation, même si l'idée n'est pas top +5


aww, soo precious. i love it <3


...i don't know...i like the image enormous. $5. i see no bad.


How cute, this shirt really express love. This shirt makes me feel empty, I realize I will never experience true romance. This art, this is more than art, this baffles my mind, so many hidden messages. Are we really improving? or are we going backwards? I understand this is a t-shirt and it's good to keep it simple stupid, but come on... do it for yourself, do something that really transmits something, if it's love do it in a way no one has ever seen it. That's hard, only a very very few people can do it, so keep trying but don't submit cliche romantic bullshit just so sensitive people vote good for you and then win 2000 dls. I would like to think that people that submit designs don't do it only for money. Let's make good stuff happen.



december faded

dear vossyz,
it seems as if you feel a tad bid angry over this shirt, but it sounds like you have a very un-open view of love, love is percieved in a lot of ways, and this shirt does a good job of portraying it in a silent, emotional/romantic way. I dont think the artist submitted this for 2000 dollars either, i believe that the artist did this for himself, i think this means a lot to him, think if you had a true message to show people that meant a lot to you and you wanted to share that with others...whats a good way to change people by having them exposed to it?...putting it on a shirt of course! so forrest crellin, i think you did a really great job of drawing this,i think it shows what a true relationship can be, good luck, i hope you draw some more. $5

Indie Queen

This has to be printed! 5!


Porn shirts. Yay.


Wow this shirt has stirred up quite the controversy. It's good though, controversy means that the art is making people think and express, I personally think that's a good thing. I think it's concerning that some are offended by this shirt and would scrutinze it by declaring it "cliché romantic bullshit." Love is a very beautiful thing, and I'm very glad that this piece means something to you. I think it's nice that instead of simply enjoying the image for the design most are appreciating it for its concept and message. 5 for sure.


though it wouldnt be my chosen subject matter, the design is fantastic. i like the style a LOT

I like it a lot... especially if it came in lots of bright colours


The girl looks like Nancy Drew.


make it a tad smaller and I'd buy it for sure.


nice design

you should consider making it a little smaller


like it! and it'd be better if there were less winkles on the shirts (cant really distinguish the girl's hand... the hands really help to express their affection towards each other so you wanna make sure that it's well drawn, just a thought).

Juicy Pop!

i think this is great... i would love it printed black on hot pink!


christ, I'm a dyke, it's hetero propaganda... hehe, c'mon people
nice style though, second what's been said about the hand and i really like they way you drew the girl's hair

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