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This is really neat!

I think it may look better in the bottom right hand corner

Watch this

placement change and bigger, then i would buy it


I generally hate designs on the bottom, but I have to agree that it would look better on the bottom. And perhaps a brighter pink on a darker colour, like brown, or khaki?

cato ninetales

I'm with all the above comments - deffo at the bottom, probably to one side? Yup - the right.
- nice to have a few illustrative girlie white Ts for summer.... wonder - low or wide-scooped neckline???? I'd buy.


I like the drawing a lot! I agree that it would look better in one of the bottm corners.

Joan Burroughs

Cool drawing!!! I'd love it on dark brown.


love the drawing style - fantastic!
and not a single "Aaaaaah - naked boobies" comment yet - how odd.

ditto to the above - bottom-right placement, on dark brown

although i think it would look really pretty with a dusty-purple colored ink on charcoal


oh - and 5$


Not keen on the boobs but the hat makes me think of Labyrinth, so it's cool in my book. I have nothing against breasts btw just lose the nips on this occasion.

Lovely style! Nice to see something unique.

montmont profile pic Alumni

nice drawing style

keep the nips


different colors! and then... yes


without the nipples
the gender
(at first glance)
becomes a bit


No nips. But I love it anyway. White shirt...sorta bland. Reminds me sorta of the labyrinth or some Dr. Suess thing. Lower right corner also.


i think the nipples are fine. MAYBE make them a bit more subtle, but seriously, i think this was tastefully done. i like how the chest isn't the focal point of the design.
i want this shirt. :)


no way you gotta keep the nipples


I like the nipples. Also agree...bottom right corner would look better. I think it would addmore dimention.


No nips. Bottom - right....a little bigger yeah?

and uhm....five-$


wow, reminds me of labyrinth - such a great film...


well... i was going to say i would buy it if it didn't have naked boobies, because it's a cool idea. it is a cool idea, but i want more from their expressions... and to be schizophrenic, if they had livelier (or more interesting) expressions, i'd probably buy it even with boobies.

i very much like the style though.


I like the drawing, with or without the nipples. I'd have to agree with the comments of moving the alignment towards the bottom and making it bigger.


$ex $ell$


print it now or ill cry

love it


like it, would never wear it with the boobies.


Nice, bottom right placement would look nice!


bottom right, no nipples and you have a $5

Big Ed

^ me too, and I'd really rather not.


good. i don't mind the boobs. placement could be better.


I've absolutely fallen inlove with this shirt! It's so amazingly beautiful. Too bad I don't wear naked boobies on my shirts. You still get a good score from myself though. :-(


this is bitchen! and i dont think ive ever said that before


this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool...... and yes that many o's are necesarry. no titties please. i have my own inside my shirt. no need for more on the outside.


I love it but it would be better at the bottom.

Heaven was the Battle

I really like your design but i'd like it in one of the bottom corners, with it in the upper part it seems too much like the little kid shirts with lizards and such crawling out of the breast pocket. Your design is so cool.


I'd buy it on a dark coloured tee. Nice.


"the hat makes me think of Labyrinth"

Me too. That was the firs thing I thought when I saw this.


Gorgeous! I love the lines. Bottom placement on dark or color not white!

And Jeebus, keep the nips!


The sketchiness is pretty damn perfect. (I'd eliminate the nipples though.)

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