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  • by leonc328
  • posted May 04, 2006

My first submission...have at it...1...2...3...GO!!!

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Well, i like it, kinda. Is that a tree growing out of the Bible? Can't tell. I think if you had used more than 2 colors, you could have made your design clearer.
Usually, it's better to lost text apparently. But looking at the shirt, I kinda like it.


I don't really think anything centering on religion is going to fly very far here.


I think it's rad but you're going to get a lot of 1s and 2s from angry athiests.


not all atheists are angry. im not at least. but yeah im not going to score it well because 1) i wouldnt wear it and 2) even if it didnt have a bible verse, i wouldnt score it well because its another typical "throw some shit together with swirls and maybe itll do good" submission. sorry.


This is the Mad Theologian...a devout Lutheran.

It's good that you are trying your hand at t-shirt design. (Often, Christian t-shirts lack any taste or creativity-- who want to wear an ad parody reducing Jesus as a mere product?!)

In the Christian subculture, sincerity is at Threadless (which is composed of people from all walks of life), we also value design execution.

My suggestion is this: the design is too clip-art-ish. Also, there is no elements of water and storm. If you can incorporate that, that would be great. Also, the general consensus is that words should fit properly, if one uses words. With the exception of "Damn Scientists" (aka "this was supposed to be the future"), the fewer words, the better. FWIW, YMMV. Keep working at it!


i love biblical verses on my shirts!!!

oh wait thats lame

(i am a christian, not atheist)

Salsa Shark

I love it, just fix the spelling error.


Whether or not a person is religious has nothing to do with the fact that this shirt is in bad taste. Spirituality should be something private. Zero.


with the bible verse in consideration, the design is EXTREMELY appropriate. great t-shirt. inluding religion wasn't a smooth-sailer but to everyone who doesn't believe in the bible, simply get over it and look at other submissions. this is Threadless. its where you can express youreself through a t-shirt.

no boundaries.


spirituality, is not something that is or should be private in the same way that a friendship is not something private. I know that isn't what the post a comment is for, and it is to be about the shirt but I find it very offensive when people feel that religion should be hidden.
I like the shirt, and I really like the design.

Bella Lagussi

I think it would be awesome for someone to wear a bible verse. There's nothing wrong with it. period.

I'm giving it a 5. I really respect any and all religions that can be taken seriously, but I wouldn't really want to make any connections that aren't true, so I would also not wear it. It's still an awesome shirt.


Koala, if that's true, than there shouldn't be any Jesus related shirts on here.

I must say, I love this though. I would love to get this printed, even if not on Threadless, and maybe a bit differently.


I think this is, as people have said, a much nicer take on Christianity shirts. I enjoy the fact that it isn't preachy. I myself would not wear it, as I am not a Christian. If I were, however, I think the one thing that would stop me is this--the writing is so small. Very few people will actually get the opportunity to read it, let alone do so. Shirts with lots of text rarely get read, so although it's a pretty design, it loses a lot of its significance without being able to see/read the text. I'd say rethink that aspect.


'tis better by far than most religious t-shirts I've seen - it's actually quite attractive.

I would suggest, though, that the basic message of this shirt could be gotten across without emblazoning a verse across one's abdomen. Definately keep submitting, though- an aesthetically pleasing and subtly meaningful Christian shirt will get a $ out of me.

For now, 3.


I like it minus the religion; I'm not up for promoting Jesus/God/???


great job. cant be better done. just fix typo. all's good. keep up the great work and imagination.

we seriously need more shirts like this. I DO :)


The "It's" needs to be changed to an "Its", and I'm not sure I love the tree growing out of a Bible, but I like the point of the shirt and the design is well done.

As for the verse, I am not Christian, but I love it! It is beautiful and it lends a very nice message about the importance of roots (if you forgive the pun).


looks relly nice. id stick with the darker backgrounds (blue or black). the yellow doesnt work for me. but the design is cool. id wear it


I like the design, but the misused apostrophe definitely reduces my vote!


Nothing wrong with this design... i love it (minus the apostrophe misuse in "its"... eeeck)!
Although unfortunately i don't think that this will get far on here i'm giving it a 5$... if people can wear a t-shirt that says "JC was a streaker" then they shouldn't have a problem with a sincere epxression of faith.
If you don't like it... then don't buy it. I, however, love it... two thumbs up! :)

.onion profile pic Alumni

this is very nice, and the design is great, although the tree and leaves don't seem to connect with the verse that talks about houses and storms. still, i like it.

and spirituality should not be private, especially for christians.


I like it alot. It maybe because I'm a Christian, but I can definately see what its talking about.

GetFuzzy1982 has a great point, how can someone not be able to wear a Christian T-Shirt when there are many on this site that make fun of it.

Good job.

5 dollars and a golden star.


The shirt is really pretty and the usage of the Bible as a foundation was a great idea... I'm atheist though, so there's no way I'd wear a religious shirt.


i love the design and placement. excellent flow on the plant

lose the verse. let the viewer embrace it as a story, collection of poetry, a sketchbook, or religious book, etc. then it will appeal to a wider audience


maybe my eyes are bad but its to hard to read. ...I would never wear this. Not that expressing religion is bad, its just I don't want to express YOUR religion.


Nice concept, but could use a little work on the execution. Still a good first sub, though


It's pretty, but like other people already said, the quote is exclusive to Christianis/Christianity. :(


I like the concept, but I think the actual Bible itself needs some refinement in execution, and I'd like to see this centered on the chest, because no one is going to put their head down near your crotch to read this, and the point of a shirt like this making a powerful statement is for it to be read.


I love it.
Finally, some good shirts around here.


I like this a lot, $5. Good saying too


grammatically: fix the spelling and end it with a period.

design-wise: the spine of the book needs to be more defined, i'm not sure i'm thriving on the front/back order... is that a tree or a raincloud above the bible? also, i would take out the book/chapter:verse. i like the quote a lot, but i think you'd be more successful in your endeavor if it weren't blatantly christian.

good luck!




i regret to admit that i'm not an athiest. i still have a regretable belief in God... but i would never wear a t-shirt with a bible verse on it.

irony of this sort's not funny, and i don't think you're even trying to be ironic, so yeah... no dice. maybe try again? no text. no bible verses. and it looks very thrown together. cliparty. 0, but try again.

Vincent Stonehenge
Vincent Stonehenge profile pic Alumni

I agree with 'Contradiction', needs to be placed over the chest and refined considerably.


I absolutely love this shirt. Print it and I'll buy all of them.


as a general rule I dont score anything well that I wouldnt wear. As a Christian I would have no problem wearing this shirt, since it is better executed and more creative than most Christian/religious shirts which are 99% lame.
That being said there are several design options that have been presented that would make this sub not only much stronger but a real contender. I think that there are probably enough christians on this site to get it through and if a youth group or something latched on to it it could do extremely well.
Keep up the good work I would like the idea but refine it. 3 for now.


props on creating a Christian shirt that doesn't suck and yell "lame"
I like it, I might even buy it.

things you may want to consider though:
- another color... even if it's just a slightly darker blue for the leaves of the tree and the book or the shadows that would be created.
- the leaf/grass/seaweed design to the left of the book strikes me as a little awkward, but I can't think of how to improve on it... otherwise I'd be making my own shirts, haha


oh yea, and fix the grammar of the verse.


A bible comment pretty much limits you to a certain demographic off the top. It's a wicked cool design, but I don't think it'd be printed because it's not very likely non-christians will want to buy this.

But you're very talented, and I hope to see more.


wouldn't wear it.


I just like how worked up some people got about the bible verse. I think this design is great and I would wear it. I also dont think the words are to small. It doesnt take away the meaning, it just gives it that much more for those who take the time to stop and read the shirt.


I like the design and placement, dislike the preachy quality.


Keep up the great work in creating a masterpiece witha good message. I would buy this instantly if it were printed.
* For all of you who really like this kind of Christian shirt that isn't all ugly, try they have beautiful designs with a great point.


I think that every shirt design limits itself to a certain demographic. There are always people that just wouldnt wear it. This just happens to be aimed towards christians and people seem to love expressing how much they disagree with religion. Its not pushy, its not insulting, yet people get desfensive and offended. I love that you are putting yourself and your beliefs out there, because there is no reason at all to hide it.



Also, it says it right there next to post comment. Note: If you're going to criticize please be constructive and respectful about it. Some of you should read that a few more times.


The wierd vine things look.. somehow misplaced... they just don't look right. Something's off. And I would like the verse to be slightly larger... Fix those things and I'd buy it. Love Christian shirts. This is done in much better taste than many shirts I've seen. Keep submitting!!

I give it a 4 as is


I love it. Fix the spelling error on "its" and you're golden.

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