Violent Delights

"These violent delights have violent ends."

Other Placement options include the bottom left, and right side (it would wrap partially under the arm like Chinese Peaches)

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sheriff wendee

WOOOOWW THIS IS GORGEOUS please print this colours are great what the heck everything is great about this

nerdical nurse

Hmm, it's not very original, I must say. Looks like just about every other submission with splatters and grungy stuff... 0


I was thinking the white could be printed with silver metallic ink as well.


Another original design graces us at theadless...


those are big words for someone who's never submitted anything of her own potato. ;)


Thank you to the rest of you that left constructive comments. Any ideas for improvements?


like i said mind, i dig it.
but i won't lie either, i dont' own any 'splatter' graphics.
that doesn't mean it doesn't rock, just not my particular clothing world



I'm really sick of the spray paint with random images designs. But for some reason I like this one. 5


I added about 7 more color choices in my profile. I hope you like them. Blue, Silver, Black, Pink, Grey, and Brown.


I like it, but I doubt it would be printed. The splattering and dripping ink deal is over done...

matt casey

though it may not be originalin the splattery sense, its pretty good looking, and theres really nothing printed like it. i'd wear this, 5


i'd hate to say it, but it can't be placed across seams.


nice, i like the brown color option best


I don't usually like splattery designs, but this one is cool. I would definitely wear the grey or brown version. And yeah, jane is right, it can't be printed over a seam (although it would be cool if it could go where you put it)


There are other options for where the placement goes don't vote it bad because of placement.


hmm, thanks for that version2.
it looks like you just slapped a bunch of those together. everything i noticed in the design is in that pack.


i really like it, but center the design please.



real cool, i like the placement, colors, and splatter. neato.


yep, it's all from that pack. That's why I paid for it though, to use in artwork.


I looked at the other versions on your profile; they're all incredible. Especially the grey and red one--beautiful, beautiful, I'd definitely buy it.



This looks a lot like the Paramore shirt that I have
Except my shirt is red, but it has a gryphon and splatter designs as well.
I like the design, but it's been used before, and I'm sure Paramore isn't the only one using it.


I didn't copy this off paramore, I don't even know who they are?


this is gonna get printed bro


I doubt it man, I'm not that lucky.


wäääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääää PINK.GAY.2$


Don't bend u the mode


It does look like something that would get printed here, and ya know...that's the whole point. It's a bit busy for my taste. Good Luck to you.


For me, I'm a little tired of all the "lots of stuff, with splatters." You did it tastefully, though, with a nice assembly and nice colors. Nonetheless, it doesn't leap out at me as something terribly unique and exciting.

But the thing that really bugs me is the text--what does it say? Why is it there? What purpose does it serve? Pointless text on shirts/text you can't read drives me up a wall!

Like I said, though, it's really good colors and (although it's not possible to print there) a creative placement. My critiques are basically personal taste issues.


I'm really not a fan of these designs that look like just a bunch of random stuff thrown together with some splatters on top... it's just... so... ehhhh :\


Sorry after emo bear got printed I had to make something abstract. ;)


$5 x's 5000

i love the other color ops and the placement


$5 for the Grey with Silver Metallic Ink. I also like the Brown with Silver Metallic Ink because it reminds me of camo.


i would like this design as a design to hang up rather than on a shirt! but nonetheless, its cool looking still...


that's why it's a blik design! :)

kid johnny

boring. taken straight from YWFT.
do something original.


It's not taken straight from anything, it uses design elements that were vectors being sold from a website, combined to make art. Nothing about this is just like the source other than the objects used to make the whole.


[unoriginal positive comment and request to print]


LOVE THIS SHIZ, BEAUTIFUL, class-ey, i'd buy it fo sho



I want it to drape across my chiseled body...


Did this take 10 minutes to make? Did you just get the vector art from youworkforthem, and rearrange it? I hope this shirt doesn't get printed, it would just show how easy it is for mediocore wanna-be t'shirt designers to rearrange someone elses art in order to win a contest. There are people out there who do original stuff that takes 10 times the effort, and go unnoticed for it. This is a complete un-original rip off.



too alike.... rip off, sorry..

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