The ultimate joke

  • by apy
  • posted May 04, 2006

The best joke is the last one

Watch this
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wild! love your patterns :)


hey hey, go out with a BANG!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Great - the use of patterns is very nice!

scoutti profile pic Alumni

^ agree


they can always come out with something new about clowns!


haha awesome
is the clown's brain a strawberry??


i think a final joke would be a better title


Strawberry cream pie?

I like how the bullet actually goes through the strawberry, too.


Why is one of the clowns eyes just white?

Does'nt matter I love it unconditionaly

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

the clowns at threadless will strike if this gets printed...get it...I called the threadless staff clowns...bunch of jokers..


i would never buy this. my friend committed suicide so sorry apy but this is disgusting, vile, gross, and id step on it if it werent in the computer.


hah, i hate clowns in person but other than that they're okay.


cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort! hah i love this shit, but the colors are no bueno amigo.


LOVE the colors ! $$$$5 !!

Ava Adore

great illustration!
awesome colours




hmmm, i think there should have been more funny stuff coming out of his brains than the white stuff and 1 strawberry. An assortment of little things coming out. It would add to the humor and take away from the sensitive issue at hand.


i would never wear a clown on my shirt, but i like the idea a lot


is this racist?


pheobebui, at 9:45pm on May 8, 2006
i would never buy this. my friend committed suicide so sorry apy but this is disgusting, vile, gross, and id step on it if it werent in the computer.

Do you have a problem with Flowers in the Attic too?


pretty much the same colors as the morning after


It would be awesome if there was a quarter, or half dollar, or what ever they pull out of people's ears, coming out of his head...


Sorry, but seems like a total ripoff of the Threadless "The Morning After".


i don't like the idea of anything that has to do with a gun to the head. so, i'm sorry, but no.


aww its kinda like a combo of flowers in the attic and the morning after. its cool though :)

Juicy Pop!

i just realized this is your third design i've commented on
excellent stuff!
is this a comment on paul stanley?

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is really awesome!
menlomonkey is an idiot to say this is a ripoff of morning after. the colors are close and they are both clowns, but this is much different. And I would buy this for sure.
Amazing patterns, great colors, great illustration, love the strawberry brain. $5


very good!!!!!


Only dentists are scarier than clowns.
Excellent drawing! Love the strawberry!
Print it!



Stop glamorizing such a disgusting event as suicide, it ruins everyone's lives around them.

jbyron profile pic Alumni

I really hate these comments about suicide.
Unless these people know someone with actual strawberries or butterflies for brains, how are they making a connection? When something is this stylized, it's obviously not meant to be taken as a commentary on real-life.
As a christian, I can't think of anything more selfish or ungrateful than taking your own life. But that opinion and this shirt are world's apart.
Great illustration apy. - jbn (creator of flowers in the attic)


wah wah wah suicide is a disgusting act, wah wah wah. i think this is a well done t-shirt.

if you're going to criticize, please be constructive and respectful about it, pheobebui and clan. he's not glamorizing suicide. it's a fucking clown with a strawberry cream brain. unless you are personally married to a clown with a strawberry floating in cremé for a brain, stop playing moral police. if you don't like something about the shirt as a piece of art, say so using objective adjectives to describe your problem with it so as not to come off as a yammering, whining moron. i wasn't even going to vote on this submission until i read all the whiney bastards commenting about the suicide aspect of this piece, but now it's a $5.

apy profile pic Alumni

Thank you for your comments jbyron & jasonfifi.
phoebebui & clan, one year ago, a friend is dead by suicide so I understand and I know the pain you have after this.
You know, I try to laugh about theme like death, suicide...
It's a way to make the mourning. Now I prefer to laugh than to cry...
Death is around us and we must accept this.

Sorry for my english, I'm a fucking french froggy....


Wow, it's like Flowers in the Attic meets The Morning After.


+5 ; )


I am going to give it a five just because you are French and called yourself a frog and I respect people who are willing to make fun of themselves or play up common stereotypes and derogatory terms...I really like this shirt and think that it is great. The colors are reminicent of Morning After because those are classic clown colors. This is much better because it uses patterns to create more colors and in my opinion is better executed and a better overall idea. I love it...keep up the good work...
Anyone else think that the stripes on the shorts look more cyan rather than blue (5th color)?


really nice tee.


So this is "Flowers in the Attic" for the clowns?


im sure the kids i babysit would love this.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

great patterns.
very well done!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Wow! Strawberries in the Attic. This is a million miles from that shirt - 5$

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