Target Practice

Oh, how delightfully morbid!

Watch this

I love it, send me 10!


This design looks good on many more colors than the ones shown above. I'll try to post more examples in my profile later.


the little one looks like he's sporting wood.
it will probably be considered too offensive becasue of that and rejected.


That's not at all what I was going for. He's a short chubby little guy.


yeah, i dont see that at all. I think it's an amazing idea. I'd totally buy it!


id definitely buy...$5! it makes me laugh


I would have thought it might be considered offensive because it may have negative connotations regarding the disabled.


haha ok... offensive against disabled was not my first thought, but now that you mention it its kind of funny how mean it may seem.


It obviously wasn't rejected for being offensive, seeing as it's up for voting. I couldn't wear this, it's a good illustration, but it makes me actually feel sad.

Brett F.

this made me think of...
steinbeck's "of mice and men"

and that made me cry on the inside

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