discus infernum

  • by biscuitus
  • posted May 02, 2006

soo...when were the swiss guard uniforms ever imposing/stylish? i figure it's gotta be in the '70s - the 1670's, that is!

Watch this
Salsa Shark

Awesome concept, but it should be more obvious that he's dancing. It just looks like he's pointing at something.


Cool color palette and I love the matchup of the striped uni and the geometric spot. It should either look more like he's travoltaing it up or give him a slightly diff pose that plays up the swiss guard angle.


A little stiff, isn't he? Maybe the robot's a better dance for him. ;)


it looks like he has hooves. but good idea.


is that geometric spot from the floor of the Pantheon?! if so, the dancing Swiss gaurd has strayed a bit, wouldn't you say!

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