Relationship Decoder Ring

Basically this is me complaining about relationships in a fun manner. And yes, ladies, I'm single. I'm just as surprised as you are.

Watch this

I am not a fan of the colors. Nice idea though. Could be a useful tool for many.


I like how I love you means


Big Ed

Dude, this is hilarious. You hit the nail on the head. 5 from me.


good, but far too complicated for a shirt.


guh. the forgive me/get over it hits me hard.


Good idea but not a great design.


haha, we girls really do talk in code huh? Fun idea.

cato ninetales

Brilliant - great for when you're coming out of a sulk!!!

Much better than the "nothing" one that's in print now, actually.

you forgot:
"I'll do it" = "i've got a film/show/game to watch


I'm not really feeling the brown-on-blue, but otherwise, that's a cool design


it would be easier to see that it said "the relationship decoder ring" if "the" began from the middle of the circle. it's oddly centered.
i like this idea.


If only this design really could spin on
the wearer's chest. Weeeeeeee ! ! ! ! !


i really like that there's some optimism within all the contradictions.

4, but i'd never wear it.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I'm surprised to see no complaints in the comments here from the "No Means No!" crowd...

I like the design, find it amusing, but I don't know if I'd wear it... 4, I think.


Hahaha, I love this.
I think the wheel should be more centered in the shirt, and maybe a different color set used or something.

But I like it. :]


LOL i love how the "i love you" is blank. HAH.
i'd buy, but with different colors. the brown and yellow is SO not working for me.


Thanks for the comments so far. I personally have no preference for the colors, if they must change, then change them I says, the message will not be lost. And as for placement, I honestly just threw it on the shirt without aligning, especially the light blue. I wanted it centered like that cool "RGB" shirt.


sure =you owe me! that's my line!

jenna michele

i love this.
i think its awesome.
i would buy it and im a girl.
i wish more people liked it because i think its awesome.

jenna michele

i just realized i said "i think its awesome" twice.
ignore that.


Great idea, but I don't like the colours at all.


Good idea, but I think there is way too much going on. Maybe if there wern't that many choices involved?

I can see people tilting their heads to read the choices that are turned sideways, lol.



woah... awesome idea.
i love how it mixes in bitter stuff like "they said = you lied" with "don't cry = don't cry"
what a great idea.
anyway, a couple of criticisms: Colour scheme isn't the greatest thing, and I think having less words would have more impact. "Less is more" :)
Cool concept.


oh man if this was a decoder about relationships, this would be it. by the way... very apropriately titled. lol. "i love you" is the only one without an answer... aint it the truth, 3 little words can screw us all over. $5 and yay your single! lol.


I dig it,man. The concept is clever and your design is excellent. However, I have to say that it does feel a little bit busy for a shirt. Maybe you should try narrowing down the entries in the ring. Maybe cut some of the jokes so that its more easily read.


awesome idea, don't think i'd wear it though. 5


This is a wonderful concept, but I fear it's too busy for the shirt. Love the meanings, though. It's so true.




i really like this shirt, esp. the "i love you". 5$


I like this shirt a lot. If they are going to print it, my only suggestion is that you reduce the amount of things on the decoder, simplify it a bit so its more readable. I love the colors. I love the "i love you" part, just like everyone else.


a few too many options, it would be a buy if there were less sections on the wheel.

so unoriginal

Soooo great. Like others said before, I llove the blend of cynicism and optimism. Bittersweet is much better than bitter. Only suggestions are (as others have said as well) to consider changing the color scheme. A lot more people might like it with different colors, and yeah.... all the writing makes it hard to read. Maybe you can cut the numbers down a little bit to make it easier to read. "The Relationship Decoder Ring" in the center should be easier to read too... good stuff though. I'd buy it for sure.


the brown and yellow kind of hurt my eyes, but i seriously love this design. printprintprint.


I think removing some of the phrases would be a very good idea. I think the following are indispensable though:

I love you
I do
don't cry
forgive me
they said
try it
we should

I think it's a great idea, well done! 4$


twisted my head when I tried to read it, good work though


i think maybe after reading some of the comments the number of phrases could definitely be trimmed a little, but as keepitbouncy said, a bunch of them are just too classic to take out. amazing idea though, i gave it a 5 and id definitely buy it


good idea, colors could use improvement


i agree with the changing the colours and having less words. if that was changed i'd probably buy it.

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