J.0107 = January First Two-Thousand and Seven

Watch this

I wish I could see the deail better. Looks cool, though.


what does the text say?


need to see the close up :) !


Hi nice design but I think all the small details and the text will get lost on a t-shirt format. 4$


still can't see the text in the close-up. What does it say?


from the close up, the text looks like his name, email address, website, personal thank you note, location, and some other things i'm having trouble reading


hmm i don't particularly understand it but I love the angles and sense of edge you gave it so..3

A Softer World

Even though this shirt is random with lines and designs, I would wear it. $5 for sure.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Its not too bad... but i think its a BIG no no to use all of the graphic design shortcuts in one place... i mean they exist to make designs look cool, not to stand alone. Im sorry but theres just nothing holding this design together

shredthrashgrind profile pic Alumni

above comment and why put your name and all that crap in the little text? weak -_-


shredthrasher- because i originally was making this to be a poster and almost all the posters ive made have small text like that which you can't read because its to small but looks cool.


Butlertotheb - On posters you can do what ever you want, well I guess on shirts too but you can walk close to a poster a look at it for as long as you want, if I'll get stop on the street for more then 20 seconds becuase someone need to look closely at the shirt I'll be pissed


I really like this, I got bad scores for having misspelled text, although it was so small that in print you would not possibly be able to read it. some people don't understand that text can be there just for looks, they always thing there has to be a meaning to something. I would buy this... when it went on sale, wow.... just looked at the large size.. this shirt is really awesome. definate 5$

Private Asylum

doesn't really strike me as clever or eye-catching.



Pretty, but also pretty generic.


looks very neat from far away, but a good design would stand up to close inspection. save this idea for something that needs text, so that when the text is relevant the design will be too.

lovely job, i just don't have a reason to wear a shirt with random text.

if i wanted that, i'd buy one of the "bunny slopes surf shop, cocoa $2" shirts from the mall.


ZaneGun08 (butlertotheb can listen in too):
At a place where so many shirt designs come through, I would think every design should be meaningful or clever.. not just random. It's true--not everything has to mean something--but the designs with meaning are just that much better. Looks are cool, but there are plenty of shirts that look cool AND are deep/witty. I have (and I think many others have too) come to look for, and even expect, a very high quality design from threadless submissions, and a shirt just for looks doesn't quite cut it anymore.


nice nice


nice balance, but much too generic, nothing makes it unique


Placement and balance is perfect.


its would be bettr with some birds or drips or hearts on it.


hey....this is fan-tas-tic!


thanks everyone! and no thats not the burton logo lol (check out burton.com) and ill keep the hearts in mind if my shirt doesnt make the cut this time.


whats that text say?...anyways i like it


i love it!!! I would def buy it! 5$


This is the best design I've seen in a while, $5. Looks good on both shirt colors

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