I wanted to keep things basic and just get a nice little design going on. It was originally a tree, which I feel is rather obvious- as for the ball hanging from it, well I guess you could that artistic liberty or then again it could also be representative of something, perhaps mother Gaia and how it feeds the life on the planet...

Watch this

design is good. maybe a little bigger???
i think it would look better on the bottom corner.


I had tried it on the bottom right corner but it just didnt feel right when it was placed there, it looked off somehow. As for size, I didnt want to overpower the shirt or anybody looking at the design so I decided to keep things a touch on the small side.

Thanks very much for the comment, it is greatly appreciated ^_^


i like this a lot. very calm and. . . serene, i guess. Ha.


Hmm, I would actually buy this one. And your right, I copied it into paint and put the design in the bottom corner...but it just looks weird then.


Thanks so much for the comments guys and gals.

Laryang the idea for naming it Serenity actually came from the Firefly series by Joss Whedon and since trees have a lot to do with nature and many find nature somewhat soothing I guess it just came round.

DrZoid, yeah, thank gosh somebody gets what I mean, it just looks weird when its in the corner, like it somehow off balances the shirt and layout.


very nice


its nice and simple but dont think its worth 2000 dollars...


Okay well, thanks for the comment. Personally I dont particularly care about getting cash for a design, all I really entered the submission for was the hope that it would get through the voting phase and people would buy it- its kind of cool being able to say that there are people who are wearing a TShirt designed by me...

sheriff wendee

did you copied that tree from a google picture? ,


Nope, it is a picture of a tree around my house. Thanks for the comments guys ^_^


Yeah I noticed a lot of them going around these days.


OMG Their everywhere, their coming to get you...


nature always works for me


I really like it.

Maybe a tiny bit more centered and bigger?

I would buy this. Yay.

matt shiner

I like the firefly reference...


Yeah, Firefly was awesome, such a shame they cancelled it.

Infinty: I was actually thinking it could have been a bit more centered. It seems too close to the sleeve at the moment.

Thanks for your comments ^_^

atomic silhouette

I like the design but I feel denight the detail... I'd like to see it more close up. nice color choice.


Thanks very much, I will probably upload a full size design to my webpage soon enough so I could contact you with a link when I do if you want...


It's pretty, but at this size and location, it wouldn't be a very good design for girls' chest area, you wouldn't be able to see it very well


Damn, I knew I hadnt considered something >.<


mother gaia.. hmm
nice concept.


This reminds me of Jack Johnsons album cover for Inbetween Dreams, but I still like it. 4$


i think the tree should be a bit fuller on the right side.
but not too full.
there is something about sweet simplicity that is... sweet.


nice colors
it's a lot like a few other tree subs

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