Rainy Days Make Flowers

i like your grahism

Watch this
Brett F.

i like this much.
on one of the green colored shirts


i like this one but the placement of the cloud seems a little off somehow


i like the green

whisper in water

I'd wear it on a rainy day. :)
I think it would look killer on dakota slate.


this is so sweet :)


i lik this but id lik it to say grow at the end


Not on green! I'd buy it on any other colour


AWESOME JOB. I wish i can design like this


I love it on the kelly green.
simple, but ultra cute.


absolutely amazing.
and not because i spend every day with you.
its just that good.


Nice choice of colours.. cool stuff!


I can't concentrate on anything on this shirt aside from the text. Being the font-nerd that I am, I have to know if that's hand-written or if it's actually a font? I love it.



i'm a total type nerd too. i hand-wrote this text, but it's pretty similar to one of milton glaser's typefaces. art prostitute uses it a lot too. www.artprostitute.com


how disgustingly optimistic. good design however, you get a 3.5. but i'll round up.


love it!


i agree this is a simple shirt, a simple idea. not even an idea really. an observation that is a widely-known fact. it is nice some days to wear a shirt whose message rivals the complexity of literature or a good film, but for every day-wear, i think it's ok for shirts to simply make someone smile.

thanks for the comment.


Rainy days make flowers, and Rainy days also apparantly make bad ideas for tshirts.


Aww. :) This t-shirt would be even more lovely if the colours were a bit more vibrant!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice cut-out effect, for sure and I like the subdue, soft nature of the colors.


another girly classic.

make it green and I'd buy it.


Nice font and shapes! I'd like to see the flower growing up more, and the rain falling down more. There's a nice contrast there that I think could be strengthened. The color also seems a little tentative.


love this! i think it looks best on the grayish brown shirt... love it!


whoops. missed the voting, but i like it alot.
i would buy it on GREEN.
because this is a HAPPY shirt for HAPPYFLOWERS...
and it should be on a HAPPY color like the green ones.

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