ohh, i like this.

Watch this

so subtle. I quite enjoy it. would wear it in a second.

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Amazing, dope grahic. I wouldnt only buy it, I'd make my friends cop one too. Great message....


I'd buy this because it's funny when skinny, white girls represent.
Just kidding (sort of) . I dig it!


this is cool. I think it'd be way awesome coming from the side of the shirt, a little bigger, with longer rays. i like it though

Big Ed

Nicely done.


this is really awesome, bu I agree with indesicion, with the placement and maybe the rays too, but, this is cool!

mini dukes III

One of the best subs I've seen today.


oooh i love it! would make the image a little bigger, though


After reading the account of his crimes and case, I can make two statements.

First, I don't support the death penalty.

Second, whether or not Anthony's story holds true re: the murder charge, I don't really want to wear a shirt that lionizes an admitted drug dealer who committed armed robbery and shot two people.

"...too proud to return to school..."
Some hero.

Good luck with your appeal Anthony, but you haven't earned my respect.

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He is innocent ! Thanks for your comments ;)


hmm. no. I think it is a little boxy with an odd placement, though i enjoyed the concept. The handcuff touch is subtle, but i think gold is a little much of a deviation on the style. I think silver would blend much nicer.


im not sure if threadless does foil prints, but heres a good example where it would look sick when used in moderation, just on the gold of the cuffs.


looks great, I've given huge scores to 3 of your shirts today, and I can't wait to see more!


This is the stuf.

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Thx guys ;)


Some of the people seem to think that is wrong to wear a shirt that "lionizes" a convicted felon. However, the issue here is not whether or not he made a mistake, but whether or not he should lose his life because of a blatent display of profiling (rather it be because of race or because of his previous criminal actions). After reading the story, it is fairly obvious that the lawyers appointed thus far have all been incompetant (while I recognize the site is probably biased, I am inclined to beleive most of it is true because I have seen countless examples of such discrimination). Anyway, the idea that the shirt represents is far more important than the specific case. The idea that innocence does not always matter is an important one that the court system needs to address. Aside from that, it is a kick ass shirt. 5 and Buy.


I'd buy more than one actually


I liked it before I knew that it was an actual person.

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Very American Nightmare.
Like it a lot. Especially, the gray on black which makes the gold cuffs pop.

Is it so wrong to think of Madonna's Like A Prayer video?


I liked it more before I heard the backstory.


I think the reasons behind the shirt make it a more powerful message.

Before AND after the backstory, I love it. $5


Very strong concept, graphics and colors - great work! But I probably wouldn't buy it.


Gotta git dis shit before my next black panther meeting yo! "it's a hard-knock life fo us.."


this is great. the gold on black/grey really works perfectly.


The story is ... depressing. But without knowing the story, I'd buy it. Knowing the story, I'm not so sure. :/


Oh, clarifying: the design is outstanding, the colors amazing, but I don't know if I would want to support something like this. I think that if you made a shirt that didn't have so much of a legal tie, it would go over better.


I just do not think you need to highlight the cuffs. Excellent design.

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