Chemise LaCroc

  • by homero
  • posted Apr 26, 2006

so here´s the story:

this design´s been in my bathroom courtain for more than 20 years. i was about to throw it away but i felt bad about it, that much i like the whole idea and style of this design.

so i drew it in order to, you know, let it live on. save it from dissapearing.

hope you all like it! (there´s no need to explain, right? the gator is wearing a "person" shirt...) i think a tee is a perfect new home for him.

i checked everywhere so there are no legal problems.

greetings and salutations from argentina!

Watch this

I love it too. Nice drawing and concept.

Big Ed

^ Ditto ^ Ditto ^ Ditto




this is so cool like lacoste for alligators


Very pleasant it is to dress this t-shirt


Nice tribute to izod shirts. Makes more sense on a shirt than a shower curtain. Was the gator wearing a shirt on your curtain as well ? $5


gee! thanx everyone for your votes and comments.
the design is basically the same as in the shower curtain, so i don´t wanna take credit for it (i´m not even a great designer, my previous submission speaks for itself).
this is more about saving a great concept from fading out. the retro style is because the curtain is actually THAT old.
long live the gator!


This shirt is amazing. $5 and I will be disheartened if this doesn't get printed


I like the illustration...sadly it's been done before, except its a little stuff alligator wearing a polo shirt with the little man on it... =(


crap... i did not know that! you remember the name of that submission?


I bought a tshirt from a thrift store a few years ago that has a similar design to this.. It's a "tourist" shirt from florida..
Not accusing you of ripping off another artist, just saying that there are already tees out there with this concept on them..


well, the curtain´s label says "industria argentina" (that´s "made in argentina), i couldn´t know the existance of this version in florida.
makes perfect sense, with all the crocodiles and stuff...
guess i´ll kiss my chances of winning goodbye.


haha i love it!

its cute. very very cute.


you dont know how bad i wish this gator's collar was popped


:D! brilliant. $5


omg. dpt is right, this dosent have a chance if he doesnt pop it


OMG this shirt is the first one that made me accidentally laugh out loud... I mean, it took me a second to get.. but when I did.. I totally got it!!!

LOL yeah.. I have one of those shirts with the croc on it. =P


Este es el lagartín de Lacoste antes de la fama, hoy ya hemos visto en qué se ha tranformado: la bandera de la "gente bien". Fantàstica la remera, sería un perfecto uniforme anti-lacoste! Deme mil novecientas veintisiete!!!!


yea this is awesome. 5$


lol. im wearing lacoste right now.


GAHAHAHA!! This makes me laugh so hard, I love it. $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Why is everyone acting like this is a BRAND NEW IDEA?
It's not.

Aside from that, the drawing is OK, but could improve greatly. Where there are outlines, they are too thin & brittle. The gator's head is outlined, but not the rest of his body?

You did a nice job on his tail, though.


Ha Ha Ha, someone said IZOD. What a toolbag. Lacoste


OMG this is soooooo lame, but might work on a baby's bib? Then it might possibly be seen as "cute"


I had a towel with this design.


a few days left for my submission.
after all those comments about this design being done and done, plus the references to its presence in shirts and towels and stuff, i guess my shower courtain wasn´t as original as i thought.
is this design a rip off? maybe. i began this thread saying it wasn´t my idea, i thought my shower courtain was old and unique, and ended up learning it´s a local version of some "florida gift shop" crap. heh.
so, i still like the retro style of the drawing. not enough for a threadless tee, right? "seguí participando", as we say in argentina.


This is old idea, but I like the alligator. I'd work on the 'man' icon, though.


I have the TOWEL that matches your shower curtain! I recognized this guy right away!


arriba boca indeed! aguante xeneise bicampeónn!

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