All Emo'd up.

  • by HelloBard
  • posted Apr 26, 2006

A shirt for those of us who like it a little more hardcore.

Watch this

I like the splatter radius.


Wow, this was one cool t-shirt! I'd buy it for sure!


purely stupid.

there is nothing hardcore about this.

try going to a hardcore show and getting an actualy hardcore tee.


It's quite gruesome.


Ew. Nice art, but too gruesome for my taste.


why do people mix up hardcore and bloody? hardcore isnt always bloody and bloody isnt hardcore...yours ruining it for people who actually know what hardcore is. Its like how micheal jackson ruined being white/black for everyone who actually was white or black.


geesh, you're too hardcore for me ;)
i was merely referring to the imagery as 'hardcore' as it contains blood and chainsaws, just as i'd refer to a gruesome horror flick depicting the same as 'hardcore'... just because there's a musical genre of the same name doesn't mean that was my intentended frame of reference. well, at least that's cleared up!


All this talk about hardcore just makes me laugh. How about this, just listen to the music.


Oh ya the shirt, i love it, it has humor to it, i know tons of emo kids that would love this.


Waa! Norwegian chainsaw massacre! Put a gorelord soundrtack on it:) 5$


I think the chainsaws need work. I could not tell what they were at first. I think the teeth with the dotted lines threw me off. Those things actually looked like 2 crossed pregnancy test sticks to me !


Kinda reminds me of Johnny the Homicidal Manic..


Kinda reminds me of something i don't want to where.

This shirt reminds me of one of the many reasons our country sucks.


Ughhh. I wish the emo fad and the let's-mock-emo fad would just diiiie already.


don't mock emo if it isnt obvious... bit too bloody too...


its kind of narcotic donchathink?
i like


emo = lamo

but this shirt is neato


I can't wait for this emo craze to die so we can stop silently trying to figure exactly what hardcore is.



HelloBard your sub sucks


hum. see the "serial killer" collection on ..
inspiration ?


ranal: wow that's some constructive criticism right there. fu :)

clemence: no, sorry :)

emily: hadn't actually seen that tee before, but we're both quite obviously inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Killer so that'd be the original...


I have no clue what tee these guys are commenting on but this tee is serious! Vicious idea + dope graphics = crazee fresh tee!


i'm sorry, are you people on crack or something?

-stop getting your fairy wings in a twist about emo. you're being everything the cliche says you are.

-stop comparing everything that has blood in it to johnny the homicidal maniac. it makes you sound stupid and uninformed.

-they're chainsaws! c'mon! how are they not?

-it's a cool design! if you don't like it, fine, but don't pick holes in it because you've got your own issues.

bard, i give you five. fiiiiive! make more teeeees!


i'm a special effects make up artist, so the more gore the better. love it. great illustration and personality.


Excellent splatter-age!


Crappiest thing I have ever seen. This is the gayest anime crap I have seen any ameture or 5 year old produce, as far as gay aneme crap goes this is by far the worst of it. PLEASE whoever "designed" this don't torture yourself and others by attempting to persue any form of art as a hobby and God forbid any type of a profession.


Great shirt $5

wow, i can't believe how bad some people are slating
your design for the use of the word 'hardcore'... i
wonder if they even know that the word can be used for
different genres of music, let alone trumpets full of
other things (ie, 'hardcore gore'... which is what i
assumed you ment). and why was anime mentioned? - it really dose not look like japanese animation to all. i mean, possitive or negative crittisism is groove... but lets stick to the issue here people!

but yeah, the design of the character is neat an
simple, which is something, i personaly, love in
character an clothing design.

and all the blood actualy works! ive tried to use
blood on tee's before (though, i hand paint tee's,
never printed one before) but yeah- i find it real
hard, an i think you've done a funky job at it.

i give it a five~o, an id totaly wear it!


I like the blood splatter, but I'm not seeing the emo thing here.


it looks fine, but I hate anything even remotely emo.


pretty cool....for people who try to act hard but just come across looking gay as hell.


i dislike emo peeps. i would have liked it if that wernt the reason for it. they don't really resemble chainswas though...


It's pretty clever in an parodic sense -- because you're not serious about this one, right?


Eek. I would be afraid of the person wearing this. No no no.

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