Pirate of the Dead

Yo Ho Ho Ho...

the only thing more terrifying are those zombie pirates trained in the ways of the ninja.

Watch this

its original, but not sure about the colors.

Big Ed

I like the dead parrot more than anything else.


Zombies and Pirates two of my favourite things!


Fun design...why onearth does it need to say brains??
Who cares what the pirate wants, you'll be scared of it nontheless.
Geez, I'm practically shaking on my boots right now.
Well...not quite.


Like the style... and as everyone else.. get rid of the "BRAAIINS!" and you got an awesome shirt!


no ! I like it saying BRAINS !! zombies are the greatest ! $5


I don't like the moon. It detracts from the greatness of the illustration. 4$


and the only thing more terrifying than a zombie pirate ninja is a zombie pirate ninja from mars!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

Neon Radio

I'd definately buy this. The dead parrot is a great touch.


I like it, but the multicolored stylish skulls really grab my attention more than anything, I wish they were the shirt. Cool design tho, great use of 4 colors!

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

I heard that from some friends offline as well Magilla, I'll be submitting a version with just the stylized skull soon as well....

Oxford XVII

Parrot should be a different color than the pirate, so it's more obvious that it's the parrot screaming "braiiiins!"

Two cliches = Much better than the sum of its parts


really liking this! though im not a big fan of zombie... but it looks groove all the same.
i like that the 'brains' bit is in there - gives it a bit of humour.
not sure about it being on a navey tee though - navey is an evil colour to have clothes in unless you wear it alot, as black is the most worn colour in general an navey is the only colour that doesnt 'go' with black.

an if you wanted to make it wearable for girls (more so, the girls with larger boobs) you might want to consider altering the layout - smaller an to the left side, with th moon moved from above, to the right instead perhaps?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Love it with a capitol ARRRRRGH.


i really like this....except for the color scheme....i'd keep the green color but change everything else.

otherwise it's great. ;)


Nice and clear, though the stlye isn't to my taste.


thump.... drag... splurge..... groan....

i like this alot.

on the black i think.


WTF is original about a zombie or a pirate much less a zombie-pirate, and especially one so poorly drawn with such offensive colors.


i like it, alot but the bubble clouds kinda are out of place... who knows i like the skulls too very cute

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