Proud to be a standard

very cool eagle design ! kinda reminds me of a griffin as well a little bit. $5

Watch this

What is proud of being what standard?

Big fat zero.
Decent artwork, but there is no damned point to it.


Does there really have to be a point to it? I mean, it's great artwork which should count for a good percentage of it.


Blinkz - In my opinion, having a point is an inherent property of great artwork.

I have no idea what "proud to be a standard" is. Why would I want to proclaim it to people?


when I see standard, I think of standard transmission..but I am learning to to drive :P. Nice artwork though



anybody who doesn't understand...
go to, search standard. and read definition number 1. the meaning of the word standard.


It reminds me of the bird design from the hood of 80s trans-ams and firebirds.

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standards are the icons for various heraldric peoples or whatever.

Those that say "theres no point" are just dicks that don't know any better.


Kaleidescope- That's not nazi at all. The bird looks alot like the Polish crest. I give it a 3 for that

Big Ed

I'm not a dick, bananabreath. I resent your blanket insult.
However, for the rest of us "dicks" out there, I also think it's crappy to give someone a zero for work that obviously took some time, just because you don't immediately "get it."


despite the fact this is probably a stolen image

i like heraldry





For those of you that feel too lazy to actually look this up:

A flag, banner, or ensign, especially:
The ensign of a chief of state, nation, or city.
A long, tapering flag bearing heraldic devices distinctive of a person or corporation.
An emblem or flag of an army, raised on a pole to indicate the rallying point in battle.
The colors of a mounted or motorized military unit.

It reminds me of Germany, and I'm German. So I like it. 5 from me.


I agree with banana on all counts. This is an eminently wearable shirt - but I'm not sure that the artwork is original. Therefore, $3.

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You people make me laugh, im an artist, and no, art doesnt have to have a purpose, thats the idea behind graphic design... beautiful things, dont be so ignorant to proclaim that this deserves a 0 just because it isnt some stupid pun or meaningful design, its fashion, just wear it.

And another thing... giving a 3 because you "think" its unoriginal with no proof, very lame


Nice design, but seems like something that belongs in a denim store, not on Threadless.


It looks like the Polish Eagle...

Like the one Poland use to have on its flag... The one that represents Poland... It looks a little too similar...


Is this a Standard Byke Co. shirt design??


it doesn't LOOK LIKE the polish eagle, it IS the polish eagle. all he did was take off the crown. didn't bother changing a single other thing. it's a shame when people vectorize something and claim it their own, but it's even more a shame when they do it to a really famous icon. ... just like all of those subs where people used the exact WWF panda bear.

google image search


Wow, stupidostrich, nice choice of nickname.

Next time you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up before giving the artist a 0. Geeze.



proud to be a standard'?

what the hell does that mean?


Proud To Be a Standard + Artwork = Cool = $5

Vegas Dave

Nice design. Good detail without losing it's graphic quality. Not sure I'd wear it, but the artwork is worth a 5.


I like the style.. something I would buy too.. even though I don't understand the Proud to be a standard too well I'd still buy it... I got shirts with latin words on them in which I have no clue what they mean.. they could be saying that I'm pigeon poop and I wouldn't really care.. the design is wonderful.. and that good enough for me. :-) I would only scale down the image just a bit though.


I went into Forever 21 and was like, "Look, a Polish eagle!". Too bad the stiching was uneven. This design looks the same, except a) it's not shiny and irredescent, b) different accessories: banner + splatters instead of a crown.

It's not a bad design, but I don't want threadless to print shirts that I could basically get at the mall


I like it $5

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