Cross my heart and hope to live

Homage to the familys whose loved ones are in service at war, and to the red cross for keeping those loved ones in touch...

Watch this

it looks like none to live...


i don't like the line coming down from the yellow fish at the top. The line threw me off when reading the word "drawed". cute though.


It is a great idea it just not reading well!


i thought he'd been murdered or something. in the letter it should be more clear that the dad was at war. it's cute, but a little two specific for a tshirt, i think.


I think that's a bit too depressing to wear on a t-shirt. ):


I don't know whether to puke or cry. Sorry.


beechcraft11 it's too gay for you

i carnt spel

yeah its a little challenging to read... Did some research, and had my little relatives write me a few notes, and thats pretty much how they came out. Its all about the ends of the letters.. the swishes that excite the kids...


i like it, but i agree that it looks like none instead of hope.

i carnt spel

You guys have made a couple of good points. If the clarity is an issue i would be happy to fix it. On the other hand I kind of like the idea peple are thinking up different scenarios, just as long as the your conclusions convey a message of hope hummanity and compassion .

thenks heps for the helpful comments... keep'em coming

montmont profile pic Alumni

I'm not really getting any homosexual references from this like what that person above said.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

bad idea, inappropriate idea

given the context of the contest.


too sad.

Brett F.

^^agreed. this is a really depressing shirt!! =_(


it sounds really similar to a tape they played for 911 at some point.. a little girl was reading a letter to her fireman daddy that died. too sad for me.


I honestly thought it was meant to be a letter to a dad in prison until I read your comment.


whether its meant to be a letter to a dad who's dead/at war/ in prison, i think the idea is really dark and emotional. i like it. but i just wouldn't where it. it'd make a cool album cover concept for a political punk band. i give you a point or two.


Too depressing and long for a t-shirt design


This makes me sad.
I love how it really is a childs way of thinking.
But whats up with the verticle line think?
A fishing line?
I like it, though.


maybe if i was gonna give it to a child
i'd dig
this seems out of place here.


this would make me cry every time I wore it

i carnt spel

wow... thanks for all the comments.
like it or not... its certanly getting some strong emotional feedback which i dindt expect for a tshirt design. Could be why some people think it doesn't work. Still Its encouraging that everyone is finding it different from the usual stuff...

ps. be sure to check out my other two subs now scoring... cheers


it's a good idea, but i think you should kind of simplify the concept. instead of having a letter, maybe just have a kids drawing of fish or something and at the bottom write "to Daddy."

or have a kids picture of a family, with the dad in an army uniform and it can say "I love you" or something.

again, great idea. it's totally sweet.


this shirt is soooo sweet!

i carnt spel

very good ideas borgy... i strated thinking about this one about 4 hours before the red cross deadline... if only i had u as my helper monkey i think their could have been a significant improvent...
might try and rework the idea in the future:)


It's totally worthless unless the letter was written by an actual little girl. I wear political shirts but I wouldn't wear this, it's nothing new.



i carnt spel

hilarioussss... of course nothing is new einstein


I'm not happy reading this shirt.

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